The Silence Of The Church

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The silence of the Church


Being a father one of the things that always causes me anxiety, is when I can’t hear my daughter. In that moment of silence, I don’t know what my daughter is doing or if something has happened. They are right now where his name shouted and I await his answer.

Talking to my sister, she tells me the same, she is always finding out when her daughter, a newborn, is silent for a good time, and runs to look good.


When a person does not respond, the first thing they make sure is the beating of the heart. If there is silence, death. While in silence, it is an indication of lack of action or death. I explain myself, the beating of the heart is an indication that there is life, when there is no beat, there is death. Church beat is the Gospel and Missions:

Lucas 4: 16-19

He came to Nazareth where he had raised;And on the rest day he entered the synagogue, according to his custom, and got up to read. 17. And was given the book of the prophet Isaiah;And having opened the book, I find the place where it was written: 18. The spirit of the Lord is about me, because he has anointed me to give good news to the poor;He has sent me to heal the broken hearts;to proclaim the captives, and seen to the blind;to release the oppressed, 19. To preach the pleasant year of the Lord.

Another example that everyone knows: John 3:16

And if the church does not work, it dies.

When I talk about silence today I talk about the lack of evangelism and missions.

A church in silence is dead.

THE AUTHOR DR. Thom Rainer in his book Autopsy of a deceased church indicates that one of the symptoms of a church that is dying is the omission of the great commission in its congregation.

Members want results, but they don’t want to sell their efforts, they want me to pass, but without prayer, without sacrifice, without strong work. Members really do not want growth if it means that their preferences are affected and if they cannot become comfortable.

We have to take care not to fall in silence, and extinguish these symptoms.

A living church is not silent! A living church is working and operating for the kingdom of God! A living church is announcing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Part II – At all times

The Great Commission is more than announcing the good news of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones, preacher of the ventlive a Christian life. (Note: campaigns are not bad)

For one to grow properly, certain things must be observed for good spiritual health.

  1. Read your Bible every day.
  2. Learn the secret of prayer.
  3. Constantly trust the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit prays for us (Romans 8), and what comfort should be for the weakest of us. Keep aside and allow him to make all the decisions and decisions of his life. You have to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Attend the Church regularly. The visible church is the organization of Christ on earth. Christians need each other, we need to gather to worship God and nothing can take the place of church assistance.
  5. Let love be the guiding principle of your life. Jesus told those who followed him: in this they will know all that you are my disciples, if you had love with each other. The greatest demonstration of the fact that we are Christians is that we love each other.
  6. Learn to face temptation.
  7. Live above your circumstances.


You have to live above your circumstances, this walk is not easy, but when a people (like the primitive church) do the job, live as the scriptures, people will arrive. We see this in the previous verses, Luke 4: 16-19 is fulfilled by the name of Jesus Christ:

  1. The captives are released
  2. Those with broken hearts are healed
  3. The blind man regulates the view
  4. The oppressed will be released
  5. The demons will flee
  6. The chains will break
  7. The walls will fall
  8. The patients will be healed
  9. We will do greater things than Jesus did.


But warning with the good will come the enemy.

Acts 8: 1-4

More what were scattered, they were everywhere announcing the word.

Let’s make a personal evaluation of our Church: you may look at our Church and say that we are fine … We are alive! Maybe some of you would disagree. Maybe you would have to admit that we are where we should be. Maybe some would say that we are well compared to others. Note that our success is not measured by other churches. Our success for God is measured by the Word of God.

Suppose for a moment that we are doing good. That in itself could cause a problem. You see good can be the enemy of the best. Looking from the outside, the church in Ephesus was doing good. But Jesus said he had lost his first love. His problem was not worldness. They were not consumed by evil. His problem was not false doctrine, they were still very solid in their doctrine. But you can still believe the truth and defend yourself from truth, but in the activities of truth … you can overcome the truth.


It is evident that many Christians today have lost their admiration for Jesus. They fear going to church. They are bored with sermons. Singing in the choir becomes an arduous task. The Sunday school lesson puts them to sleep. They have tired of doing well. Church’s work has become heavy. Compassion has been replaced by indifference. These people are mere robots that make the movements instead of being excited servants of Christ with a passion to worship, praise him, honor him and serve him. Once they were alive and in fire for Jesus … but they forgot it.

My friend, apathy is a disease that will devour a church. Complacency will extend like cancer. And in a short time, the Church becomes a corpse. 

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