The Seriousness Of Sports Injuries

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The seriousness of sports injuries

First of all, this text is aimed at people who practice some sport or physical effort, was written in order to publicize some ways of injuring and from this we would seek to publicize the reasons why athletes frequently injure themselves In addition, I will look for a solution to this problem.

How many do not have us who in the midst of the practice of some sport we feel a discomfort which does not allow us Sosa when practicing a simple exercise in a bad way, as was the case of Radamel Falcao recently when carrying out a bad way.

Just as it happened to the aforementioned player, he can happen to you, since as he made a bad movement, he may also live in his daily life making bad moves which are harmful to his body while practicing some sport, it is known that there are Several ways to avoid discomfort, we will focus on this issue.

According to a study conducted by Ortin (2013) it was established that there is a relationship between the mood and the probability of injuring themselves, in the study carried out, total total of those injured are athletes who lost their party, 31.31 % tied their meeting and 27.77% win.

From the aforementioned study I can verify that the animic state of people is quite important when making some physical effort, since being in a bad mood or with a state of encouragement low considerably increases the chances of being injured, but a question that It arises from all this is, if athletes are clear that this can happen, why does it happen so easily?

Well, during a sporting event it is difficult to handle the mood for an athlete, because many times they have to try to control a bad result, and, sometimes not only with this, but also with the insults of the spectators of these competences because These seek to deconcentrate these athletes as a form of distraction so that in this way the other team or other participants can obtain a much more favorable result.

Leaving a little aside sports, I think this can happen to anyone while practicing any daily activity, because it is known that not only athletes have bad days, you, just as I can have a bad day, this can cause us to make some movements in a little health.

Finally I can conclude that an injury can happen to anyone if you get carried away by their mood, so it is important to know how Body. 

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