The Search For Happiness And The True Meaning Of The Film

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The search for happiness and the true meaning of the film


 The human being is constantly looking for happiness. Happiness is a state of well -being, tranquility and joy. The happiness of each person will depend on personal effort and struggles in the midst of difficulties. Be looking for opportunities in the course of your life that will offer you some tools to achieve your goals, and this produces happiness and self-realization.

In the movie "In search of happiness", the protagonist Chris Gardner suffers Pro who cannot keep his family, sees how his home collapses despite the efforts he makes every day. It is a film that presents in a realistic way, as the protagonist goes through constant disappointments, failures every day, even when he strives greatly. For each person happiness can have a different meaning will depend on their expectations in life. What produces happiness to a person does not necessarily produce another.

During the process of searching for happiness, the person must believe in himself, show security and firmness. Even when the world seems to collapse around itself and the problems increase, the best face must be shown. Although it is difficult, many times to achieve it, an optimistic attitude must be maintained, being positive, even when everything seems impossible. All must prepare oneself with positive expectations. Not giving up, it is one of the qualities, as well as the determination, empathy and good sense of humor. The person even in the moments of sadness, impotence, suffering and despair for not achieving their goals and dreams despite the fact that he will never achieve it, he must move forward even in average of adversity.

The economic problems of every human being produce anxiety, frustration and despair, this causes a state of unhappiness, therefore, it should not give up, fight for their goals to achieve an opportunity. One must sell oneself that is to project an image, that shows the best of yourself and being itself, not pretending what you are not.

Obstacles will always appear, but persistence, being entrepreneur and self-motivation is the key to not losing calm and enjoying every moment in life no matter the difficulties and stumbling we can find in the middle of the road. Life is a constant learning for the development of our life and the achievement of our dreams. Everything we achieve as small as it is to become happiness because happiness is a mental state, you can be happy, even in the midst of problems and difficulties.

If you have a dream, go behind him, do what you can to do it, no matter how long it takes you, don’t give up you. Faith in God and yourself is the key to success. In the course and the process, enjoy every moment, that this will produce happiness and in the end the reward. After a lot of struggle, it will be indescribable, it is the satisfaction of knowing, which is the fruit of your effort and dedication and is the beginning of full happiness. 

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