The Sale Of This Great Pearl

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The sale of this great pearl


Story story is told about a man, his wife and children as humble people who work hard to live day by day, but you happen a problem in which if son is affected by a scorpion who poisons his son, but theProblem does not start there, they take their son Coyotito to the hospital so that the scorpion poison did not kill him, but having no money they did not accept it, they desperately had to look for a solution to cure their son and was looking for pearls to pay theDoctor, these were lucky enough to meet the largest pearl in the world, looking for those who sell them, they would do if they sold it, they could be rich, that Coyotito had an excellent education, they could live elsewhere, among another. 


They went to the capital to sell this great pearl, but the vendors only to cheat it offered him a much lower price, which Kino and Juanito refused, they came home and all people ambition admired the pearl as he also tried his robbery, Juana Lep Le Le Le LepHe told Kino that he had a curse, but Kino ignored, she triedHis hut, but he killed him and fleeing his house, they went to hide, but they did not realize that hunters persecuted him, until Quino and the hunters fought just for the pearl, he boosts him to take out a gun and shot, paying him aI shot his own son in which he loved so much and this was the reason why they wanted to sell the stone and keep it.

The pearl is a symbol that represents money, since people are killed today and do whatever it was to survive and have money for important needs, and Kino for wanting to have a better future for their son, he was looking for a way to sell thepearl and have how to stay better.

Money is like a damn pearl, which makes people go crazy until in the end, they realize what they lost in life and its meaning.

In this book I reflected us in what happens in life and injustice that is lived, since people work with effort in search of wealth or stay day to day, while others get things easily, this is seen inthe part of the book where Kino wanted to steal the pearl and this prevents it.

This also makes us see that work people do not have the same needs that people have with wealth, which does not have the same rights as the rich just because they do not lack money.


My comment about this work is that it is not my liking, since it has been a bit complicated to read, but this made me see the social class in the different years, since their status has never changed, the minor peopleEconomic power usually loses some of their rights, since those of wealth are treated better than the poor, just like the power of money can make a person become insane just by having money. 

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