The Safest Vehicles In Case Of Catastrophe

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The safest vehicles in case of catastrophe


In recent years, new vehicles, in addition to adopting more minimalist and attractive designs, have also incorporated numerous systems that help driving be easier and greatly increase safety during displacements. Therefore, drivers are no longer only worried about aesthetics, engine or consumption, but knowing what the safest vehicles are in case of catastrophe is also presented as a basic factor when making the purchase decision. Car insurance to third parties


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The Volkswagen brand is one of the best considered worldwide and in this ranking it could not be less. In total, German vehicles monopolize 3 of the 7 Euronpap categories, positioning themselves as the best score models. Specifically, the areas that are analyzed are protection of adult occupants, protection of children’s occupants, protection of pedestrians and security systems. Pelayo car insurance

Classification of safer vehicles in case of catastrophe

Volkswagen Arteon: Within segment E that corresponds to Berlinas, the Volkswagen Arteon model is positioned as the best valued. This vehicle has obtained 96% in adult protection, 85% in child protection, 85% in pedestrian protection and 82% in security systems. Car insurance Direct line

Volvo XC60: This manufacturer has always stood out for designing some of the most aid vehicles in case of catastrophe as demonstrated in the EuroCap analysis score. Specifically, the Mid -size Volvo XC60 SUV has achieved 98% in protection of adult occupants, 87% in protection of children’s occupants, 76% in pedestrian protection and 95% in security systems. Cheaper car insurance

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Volkswagen T-Rroc: Within the category of small size SUVs, the leading security model is the Volkswagen T-Roc. Its adult and child protection is significant (96% and 87% respectively), although the rest of the valuations are slightly lower: 79% in pedestrian protection and 71% compared to the security systems that it incorporates as standard. Car insurance per day

Volkswagen Polo: This is one of the most mythical vehicles and thanks to its equipment and quality, it is the most reliable model within segment B. Its adult protection score is 96%, in children’s occupants 85%, in 76%pedestrians and in 59%security systems. In this last assessment, the percentage is relatively low because some aspects related to driving assistance could be improved.

Opel Crossland X: This is the most protected small minister in case of catastrophe. After the tests carried out, the qualifications obtained have been 85% in protection of adult occupants, 84% to children, 62% to pedestrians and 57% in relation to security systems. Cheap car insurance

Subaru XV: In the group of medium -sized family vehicles, Subaru XV is a viable option. Its largest score is in the protection of adult passengers (94%), although that of children also stands out (89%). On the other hand, in pedestrian protection it has obtained 84% and in 68% security systems.  


In this context, the Euro NCAP European agency plays a fundamental role, since its work is focused on assessing the safety of the different vehicle models through different tests that are more demanding every year. His work is totally independent, so it is an excellent reference to know the vehicles that offer better guarantees in case of sinister. Also, this analysis also reveals those models that have better driving attendees and their ability to prevent catastrophes. Classic car insurance

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