The Sad And Cheerful American Multicultural Nation

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The sad and cheerful American multicultural nation


 When I begin to enter this field there is an intense mixture of emotions and nuances that I want to reflect in this essay since the multicultural issue from the third world countries is something much deeper since it is reinforced with racism and with more ills of hand,

"The Crash film directed by Paul Harris (crush)" leaves us audiovisual realities, hard, raw, different and real, that we live or could live most people, these situations occur within the angels ca, where we can seedifferent races and ethnicities, different families from Asians to Persians, African Americans, Latinos etc.

In this film, racist stereotypes are evidenced towards the Afro-American community where they call them thieves, dirty, unrelated when it is not the case of all Afro-Americans, we also see the intervention of the Los Angeles Police can we see a major police officer That he is racist and his partner who is new in office and is an idealist for the positive side, there are many notable scenes within this feature film but rescue 2 of them which were the ones that marked me the most, one of them in which the Racist police and her rookie companion stop a television producer who is African -American and his wife, they stop them let them down from the car humiliate them and behave extremistly by reviewing them and even the racist policeman touches the woman obscene in front of their husband, an unpleasant scene that shows the abuses that are committed against many communities only for the skin color they carry, then in the second scene we can observe To the same woman who was violated by the policeman in a car shill that I was going to assist was black inside the twisted iron shouted in full voice, no you! , He, seeing this scene, could see the damage that made a racist way of being and even asked permission to touch and take it out was a peak in the movie because humanity could be witnessed above all, it was possible to denote that we are more than our skinAnd sometimes situations of extreme gravity are required to realize that we are all human.

I also think good to emphasize the historical framework that made this Nazca film close to the sinking of the Twin Towers, Crash is an effect of the United States morally, after many attacks and kidnappings of airplanes, of the instability and chaos ofThose times, there were unfair legal frameworks that made protests from blacks and Latinos to rise in the streets there were demonstrations. In Crash we can also appreciate the corrupt that justice is when they instill a person from criminals who did not commit, just to leave the public eye quiet.

Investigating a little history in the book Erika Pan there are many elements that are the cradle of multiculturalism that we live today, “(Pani) in 1935 the great African -American intellectual w e. B. Dubois talked about the tragedy that for the ‘democracy of the millions that work’, 5 years later thanks to these critics and wise, changes are achieved in America in a positive way, multicultural ideas are born in these complaints. It is an issue of extensive discussion but I think it is very important in a comprehensive way as a shareholder because the human understanding must be primary for all and that is given by multiculturalism,

"In the 40s blacks were considered inadmissible to the nation"

Some time ago the African -American community was not even recognized in the United States, in my investigation I could also find information that was not until 1964 that civil rights was ratified so that it gave employment and equality opportunity to its entire community, and thisIt was created from talking about multicultural frames, personally necessary that multiculturalism is a lethal weapon for the fight against racism and is a fast vehicle made understanding.

In conclusion, I think that Crash is a reflection of the situation that the United States had years ago is a reflection of the corrupt and infected government that it had and that there are still footprints, it is raw and realistic is something that everyone must see, an Oscar wonFor demonstrating American reality and first of this I will always consider fervently that it is important that we continue to enter into new multicultural forms to integrate more, knowledge leads us to overcome ignorance and racism, we all have the right to be heard and ears and earsMoral, spiritual and civic way, there must be legal frameworks that are at that point in the same way and there are but lack of cultural integration of many ethnic groups and races and I hope for the good of humanity that in the future this is greaterScope for all. 

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