The Roots Of Celebration Of The Day Of The Race

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Popularized by the American education system, the childhood song "In Colon colonized the blue ocean in 1492", many students learned this to help them remember when Columbus sailed to America. The original purpose of the day of the race was to celebrate the arrival of Columbus to the New World, but modern times have now transformed this day of indigenous peoples and considers it as part of its cultural heritage. Recognize and commemorate the contributions made by indigenous groups. While Christopher Columbus is attributed to the "discovery" of America, this achievement and the role he played are surrounded by controversy.

The four trips that Columbus made served as an opening to European exploration, the colonization and exploration of the New World. However, Columbus never walked on American soil. Spanish explorers met three main civilizations in the New World: the Incas in current Peru and the Mayan and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. The conquerors were really amazed by what they found: an immense wealth of gold and silver, complex cities that rivaled or exceeded those of Europe and notable artistic and scientific achievements.

The Spanish Conquest of the New World was driven by the three principles: gold, glory and gospel. In his campaign to gather riches, Columbus and his men would enslave and tithe to local populations. The number of indigenous people chopped, partly due to the fighting against colonial forces, but also because of the introduction of diseases to which the natives had no natural immunity.

The natives would be contracted with malaria, smallpox and measles of Europeans, but in return, the indigenous people would transmit syphilis to the invaders. According to the article, (Native American), when Columbus arrived on the island of the Spanish, he met Indians and once Queen Elizabeth of Spain learned of this, she ordered a royal decree that the natives were their subjects and presented All moral rights of their other issues that included the Spaniards. She explicitly said that they should be treated humanly and not be enslaved and that they should become Christianity and adopt European life forms. 

After Columbus’s failed plan to sell to the Native Americans as slaves of the Europeans, he changed the parcel system: the land was divided between his followers and the remaining Indians became the property of the new owners. As the story has shown us, Columbus and his men (later conquerors) ignored these crown decrees, so he never had or would consider the Native Americans as Morales equals.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, which is now Italy. During his 20 years he moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and would later be resettle in Spain. He would spend the rest of his life in Spain using him as his main operations base, he would also become his final resting place. Believing that there was a faster and faster route from Europe to Asia, he was implacable in his search to discover it.

After multiple attempts to convince the Catholic Monarchs, he was finally granted permission to continue his expedition. One of Columbus’s most significant contributions was the discovery and use of Atlantic Alisios winds. Columbus’s first trip through the Atlantic is the first documented use of Alisios winds to cross from Europe to the New World and vice versa. There is evidence that Columbus had at least conjectured the existence of these wind patterns from their experience navigating the Eastern Atlantic from Iceland in the north to central Africa in the south.

This discovery of the Alisios winds and their detailed description of his trip would allow any competent boat captain to replicate his trip. This knowledge would open a new era of contact between the old and the new world, bringing progress and devastation.

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