The Role Of Women In War

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The role of women in war


 "If women who work in the war industry had stopped for 20 minutes, the war would be lost to the allies" (Josep Joffre). The female prominence in the war was an important factor in favor of the struggle of the emancipation of women in Europe. Societies and countries began to understand the importance of female work outside the home and concluded that women’s effort had been fundamental to war. The woman was always recognized as inferior compared to the man. 


The role of women throughout history has been very varied, from being the collector to the manufacture of textiles, but it was always the one who had the role of the mother or wife. This meant that he was in charge of the house, the food and to keep his husbands and family, but who was in charge of the economic and financial part was always the man of the house. Since the arrival of the bourgeoisie the possibilities of work in societies was very limited.

An even more limited panorama than previously in history. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century, known as the second industrial revolution, and the beginnings of World War I. Women wanted to have the same male works of the time, have the same recognition and the same salary. Just before the war approximately 24 million adult women, around 1.7 million worked in domestic service.

800,000 worked on the manufacture of textiles, 600,000 worked on clothing shops, 500,000 worked in commerce, and 260,000 worked in the local and national government, including teaching. In British textile and clothing offices, in particular, many more women were used and were considered as ‘women’s work’. In 1914 in the United Kingdom, almost 5,090 of the 23.8 million women were working. 

Thousands of women were used in the war industry that was the most demanding industry for the world situation, the production and arms race that involved the mass of weapons, transport and war technology was given. The men could not survive the war with women, since in addition to taking the heavy job at home and in the factories, they also assumed a role of utmost importance, this was the infirmary, despite the millions of deaths they managed to saveThousands of lives.


They took care of cure not only soldiers but inhabitants of the different powers that participated in the war, this would show that women were very capable in various fields of work activity. There is no doubt that this expanded the vision of the role of women in society and changed the perspective of what women could do and their place in the workforce. Although women were still paid less than men in the workforce, salary inequalities were beginning to decrease as women were now paid two thirds of the typical salary for men. 

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