The Role Of The Armed Forces In Chile

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The role of the Armed Forces in Chile


In this essay, the functions performed by the Armed Forces (FFAA) in Chile will be explained, according to the Political Constitution that has governed the country. At present, there are various questions regarding their function and performance due to the most relevant political events that mark Chilean history. Within the constitutional regulation of the Armed Forces, its presence is justified in order to defend and preserve the stability of the country and be essential in the field of national security. The above, through a character of obedience, professionalism, discipline and hierarchy. Once its main functions within the country have been clarified, a performance review that they have obtained according to their history will be carried out, in addition to the principles that govern their constitution. 


Prior to the Political Constitution of 1980, the constitutional documents lacked information regarding the existence, characteristics and/or missions of the Armed Forces in Chile. In 1923, two articles are added that seek to support and indicate their existence. Art, mentions the regulation of the public force, referring to its mission to ensure internal security and external defense. While art, points its character of obedience and not deliberation. With the passage of time, subsequent constitutional reforms (including that of 1980) complemented the previously registered functions. It should be noted that, during the second management of Michelle Bachelet, Law 21001 was promulgated. This was responsible for modifying the military female service ranking

Transforming it into a personnel’s. In addition to that, the current line officers were allowed to have the option to aspire to the Brigade General Degree leaving their only option to aspire to be “Colonel”. According to the Chilean Political Constitution, it is detailed in Chapter XI “Armed Forces, of order and public security” that the national defense is represented only and exclusively by the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy of Chile; who exist in order to defend the country and be essential for national security. 

The 1980 Constitution detailed a National Security Council, in which their boss commanders had the property of being immovable of their position. In a democratic state, both the armed forces and the public institutions that accompany them must ensure the defense of the country’s territorial integrity. As a result of the 1980 Constitution and the Organic Law, the Armed Forces acquired autonomy within the State. It is important to stop at this point to emphas conditions and/or instances of its use, an alliance between the civil and military world is necessary.

That work for greater visibility in terms of the execution of their functions and less autonomy by the PCFAs with respect to their civil powers, in order to achieve greater internal political stability. A legal advance that occurred on November 11, 2016, gives hope for those who request equal conditions when violating a norm; Law 20.968 implies that military justice has the obligation to judge the crimes committed by military during the execution of their duties. It should be noted that, at present, 46 years after the military coup and 31 years after the plebiscite that ended the Pinochet dictatorship, the consequences linked to human rights in corruption cases continue to be present, where the armed forces are involved.


Once the main aspects surrounding the role of the armed forces in Chile are analyzed, it is possible to conclude that there are effectively constitutional regulations of others and complete The expectations of the civilian population regarding the non -supervision of this institution in relation to the use of its forces. The aspects that integrate this vision of democratic integration between civilians and military. Considering the fundamental aspect that military force is required for national defense.

La Paz (Own Objective of the Democratic State) must be raised through a defensive strategy, which is reflected with the generation and maintenance of a dissuasive military power. This character implies a distancing from Chile with respect to the probable conflicting scenarios, but without leaving aside the continuous preparation of modern and technologically advanced armament that allows military development consistent with the objectives of the democratic state. The questions to consider for future approaches with respect to the PCFOs revolve around. What is the image they want to offer in relation to the civilian population? And should military functions be redefined in the current 21st century democracy?     

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