The Role Of Social Networks In The Development Of Today’S Society

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The role of social networks in the development of today’s society


Communication is in the DNA of human beings. The man defined as a social being has always depended on communication with his peers, which has allowed him to prosper as a species. This circumstance has also promoted its technology, since it is believed that, since prehistoric times, man struggled to try to communicate with others to be able to carry out primordial tasks for their progress and subsistence, such as hunt simple to communicate or by making paintings called cavestres that can be classified as the first attempts of a written expression or communication. 


The media are instruments used in contemporary society to inform and communicate messages in textual, sound, visual or audiovisual version. Sometimes they are used to communicate massively, for many millions of people, such as television or printed or digital newspapers, and others to transmit to small social groups, such as local or institutional newspapers.

The most important consequence of the historical evolution of communication is social networks. These have given many people from the common to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings, interact with other people from anywhere on the planet and have unlimited access to an infinite amount of information and knowledge. They can be defined as social structures composed of a group of people connected by one or several types of relationships that share feelings, thoughts and knowledge with each other.

In the field of education, “the incorporation of new information technologies in higher education means betting on a competitive university in which permanent learning is promoted” (Bausela, 2009). Social networks are precisely one of the ways that Internet gives us to communicate with people. They are framed in the web denomination 2.0., And they suppose a form of social interaction that is based on the interactive and dynamic exchange of different information between different people, groups or institutions. Education has been one of the disciplines that is most benefiting from this type of social networks (Cobo and Pardo, 2007). Social networks have especially favored group work and peer collaboration. It is an ideal space to share knowledge that is attractive and motivating for students. 

In the economy, “today the discussion regarding the impact of social networks has become a common place, they are mentioned as a great driver for people’s empowerment, but at least what I have been able to see, there is little Analysis regarding the impact they have on the business environment, beyond quite evident areas such as their participation in marketing activities, but there is little bibliography and greater depth studies that analyze their impact on management ”. 

Also, on the one hand, they are customary to use several communication routes simultaneously, such as email, text messages (SMS), their favorite social networks and some other ways (blogs, wikis, etc.), To interact with the world, lower its own rules, including in this the use of a language characterized by very specific abbreviations and symbols. On the other hand, the new scheme of web pages 2.0 have allowed the consumer to become the main protagonist on the network (Celaya, 2008: 23). Users have been seduced by the possibilities of interaction offered by these new spaces, as well as the possibility of entering publicly, or under anonymity. Of course, this allows companies to obtain a large amount of information and feedback by their various audiences. "Internal level, blogs, wikis and social networks are making companies more productive, more communicative and that their decision processes are more agile and transparent" 

However, social networks have made an important space in our lives, so we must make responsible and appropriate use of them to protect our privacy and minimize the risks that arise as a consequence of their inappropriate use, such as: fraud , impersonation of identity, promotion of suicidal behaviors and radical ideologies, cyberbullying, child pornography, among others.


In conclusion, the role of social networks in today. This circumstance is palpable in all levels of society: in the economy, in education, in the structure and functioning of society and in interpersonal relationships.


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