The Risks Of Nuclear Terrorism

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The risks of nuclear terrorism

Nuclear terrorism indicates the use or threat of using highly concentrated radioactive materials, or using artifacts manufactured with them, intentionally in acts of terrorism to generate panic;And in other cases they are also considered nuclear terrorism for attacks on facilities.

Normally this term is characterized, to the use of a nuclear pump by a group outside the margin of the law. But you can also take other forms. A nuclear bomb has not to be exploited to cause consequences similar to a nuclear explosion.

Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous arsenal on earth until today. A single bomb can destroy a complete city, cause the death of millions of people, every living being and endanger the environment and lives of future generations due to their long -term catastrophic effects. Throughout history nuclear weapons have only been used twice in war. In World War II, it was the year 1945.UU launched two nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The consequences were unimaginable, the civilian population of this country were the true affected: they caused more than 300.000 deaths before three months, another 600 thousand victims who were exposed to radiation, in addition to more million affected among the injured and sick because of the explosions,.

After the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, the United States saw the need to respond to potential terrorist attacks, improve national security and counteract these groups outside the law. With the conflicts of the Middle East, the attacks that were perpetrating the nuclear facilities of these countries, stealing radioactive material and with this assembling the famous "dirty bombs" and exploding them in the population to demonstrate their arms power.

Nuclear disarmament is the best measure of protection against such hazards, although the achievement of this objective has been an immensely difficult challenge. Among the imaginable threats the most worrisome are those related to nuclear energy, such as the theft of fisitive material or sabotage of facilities by terrorist groups. Nuclear physical security cannot be isolated from challenges such as disarmament and non -proliferation.

Countries are concerned about nuclear terrorism, the best way to counteract this risk can be security in government and civil places. It would not be necessary to be an expert in radiation to know the consequences of a nuclear terrorist attack, but is it a real threat??

In 2015, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, before the whole country mentioned that the risk that ISIS or other extremist group acquired radioactive weapons remained "one of the greatest threats to world security" the US president added that the communityInternational such as NATO acts jointly to guarantee the protection of nuclear material and thus prevail world peace.

In the world there are 1.8 million kilograms of uranium. To assemble a nuclear pump, 25 kilograms of this material would be needed. Which could obtain it in a year or less. There are still 2.000 tons of nuclear material approximately worldwide and not everything is correctly protected and isolated. Only a small amount, ‘The size of an apple’, could kill, hurt and get hundreds of thousands of people, so the risk is totally true.

There is a history of these attacks, although they have not come to light completely even attempts have been made. In 2014, the ISIS terrorist group, after capturing the Iraqi city of Mosul, had access to cobalt parts protected in a warehouse of the University of that city. This material had a lethal radiation level, which is used for cancer treatment, is the main ingredient of a nuclear pump. Government’s high spheres and nuclear experts considered that ISIS failed to use it because they could not access the radioactive material without exposing themselves to mortal radiation.

Another case occurred in 2015, they discovered that an Islamic group that was involved in Brussels attacks were secretly seeing a Belgian nuclear scientist who worked at the Tihange nuclear plant with the aim of using complex material for the creation of these bombs.

The news tells us as if warmwater cloths were, "although nuclear terrorism is a concern, most attacks are made with conventional explosives".

The cinema has been responsible for showing us the power that these bombs have, showing terrorist groups focused on destroying the world, implying that the government always has everything controlled, however, reality exceeds fiction, who would say that they all occur behind the scenesThese events. Colombia, despite the fact that its armed force does not have nuclear power, it only has a small nuclear reactor, but it is one of the countries that also suffers for it. There is great concern for the first findings in Colombia of Uranium Exploitation Activity in Samaná, Caldas. 12.9 million tons of uranium have been found, of a value that exceeds approximately 60 million dollars.

But the Constitutional Court is not far behind and gives its endorsement to a treaty by which Colombia undertakes to implement its regulations for the illegal use of nuclear materials, an activity that is currently not illegal in Colombia, including the theft ofnuclear material and sabotage to nuclear facilities, as our little reactor that still retains it since it is more profitable to continue operating than dismantling it. Since the country’s internal war issue is more than alive, with the resurgence of the FARC 2.0, fear is maintained since these private and illegal armies are how to finance their armaments, I would not be surprised by the inclusion of these terrorism methods, Colombia joins the international campaign to control these elements that in the wrong hands can derive a catastrophe,A latent fear since Pablo Escobar’s years.

Finally, it is worth noting that this is a real risk that we live in the 21st century, that no country gets rid of this serious problem, at any time a group of these can obtain a bomb and explode it anywhere in the world 

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