The Right To Intimacy In Marriage

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The right to intimacy in marriage

Intimacy is a broad and abstract concept. It is not tangible, it cannot be seen or touched and, nevertheless, its absence can feel deeply when we lack. We will discover why the right to intimacy in marriage is so relevant.What is intimacy?Intimacy covers various definitions. In his individual aspect he tells us about the deepest affairs or feelings of a person.In the social aspect, it refers to the close and close relationship with the other.

In addition, intimacy constitutes – according to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love – an essential component of the couple, mainly representing the link, connection and desire to share.Person, partner, familial intimacy has different aspects and in each era of our life they become more important than others.When we are teenagers and we begin to look out the world as individual beings, our personal intimacy is our most precious value. 

We begin to discover and decide what we like, what defines us and who we are. We dedicate all our time and energy to our own being.As we grow and form romantic unions, individuality remains in the background and all our attention is to focus on that couple of which we are now part. We invest time and effort to develop joint intimacy and link .Finally, when we have children, the couple tends to be relegated by the great demand for attention and care required by this new being. Our thoughts and our actions begin to focus almost exclusively on the family and we lose our previous roles of a woman and companion.Why should we preserve intimacy in marriage?Although through many media we try to sell the image of a wife delivered, as a dedicated mother, we must not accept this vision as universally valid. Losing our essence, giving more and more terrain to the exclusive care of the family will make us feel, sooner rather than later, frustration and resentment. You may even unconsciously blame our partner or our children for that loss of identity.Therefore, let’s try to back down in this process and we are rebuilt.Take care of your partner with the arrival of a child the dynamics and the routine change completely. 

The schedules and plans must adapt to the new baby and intimacy in marriage staggers.Additionally, the time we previous. This can also lead to the lack of communication and dialogue – since time is not available for it – causing conflicts to be unsolved and accumulate, giving way to resentment.This situation can also make a dent in the couple’s sexual life, which is losing priority over time.What can we do?Interest and effort by both. 

It is essential that the two members of the couple have the determination to invest quality time in their link.Intimate places and moments. Make sure the time you spend together is free of responsibilities and dedicated to laughing, talking about personal concerns and rediscovering them.Daily routines with love. Things as simple as a kiss when leaving home every day or spending 20 minutes every night to be alone with your partner.Foster communication and mutual revelation of feelings.Take care of your person the last step of this retrospective trip is to recover that individuality that you valued as a teenager. Remember and honor your most personal essence and your role as a woman. How?. Here are a few aspects to consider.

Your body is your temple. Perform physical exercise frequently, this will help you stay in shape and relaxed and it will be a space for you.Take care of your appearance. Far from superficiality, take care of our clothes, our hairstyle, our makeup … It has an impact on our self – esteem. Take care of you, to reflect your best version. Value your goals and hobbies. Do not neglect your personal ambition or those little things that give you satisfaction. Always seek time for them. Gather with your friends. Friends see us as individual people, they value us for who we are and constitute great support and a great mirror to remember who we are.

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