The Right To Fail: Errors Are A Learning For Life

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The right to fail: errors are a learning for life

As many of the great sages to achieve their great works made mistakes, this is how it can be said that no one is isolated not to commit them. Therefore, according to the Nobel Prize in Science Richard Feynman who gave a talk in the fourteenth annual convention of the National Association of Science Teachers of the United States, in 1996;where he said that for him to reach the success he had, he made many mistakes from where many things were discarded in the trash and at some point there was something valuable. This is how errors are not an obstacle but are a way to improve.

In this way, it can be noted that errors is not something that only some people comment but quite the opposite, in different kinds of history they have taught us that the great geniuses or wise have had to make numerous mistakes to reach what today inday he recognizes them as genius and it is something that many hide for fear of being judged or rejected, but it should not be so if the same Nobel Prize in Feynman science accepted having made mistakes and achieved success thanks to it, then everyone can also use it asMethod to improve and learn.

On the other hand, in the educational part, errors are a great exercise to learn, since it can be seen that in the classrooms both the teacher and the students are wrong, but it is through accepting these that allows to learn inThis case improve teaching-learning. Therefore, in a kind of mathematics or physics it can be seen that students make mistakes constantly, the teacher is the one who enters to correct that errors and make students learn from them.

Therefore, it is important to remember that mistakes are not something bad or something that we should avoid committing, because if we are not able to recognize our mistake to be able to correct them we would fall into what Confucius says to make a mistake and not correct it is another greater mistake;Thus, by accepting them, we can improve learning and this could be achieved through educational institutions where errors are taught and not being judged by them, but instead knowing how to solve them. 

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