The Right Of Peruvian University Education

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University education a right that very few people had, people who enjoyed a high hierarchical status where the one who had education possessed. That thought was changing as Taubes (2007) mentioned by Ricardo Cuenca (2015, P.9), mentions that ‘’ universities exploded the feudal hierarchical structure of medieval society. This institution appeared as a new form of authority, represented in turn a new social class ’’ ’.

This new social class had a change in the point of view on university education taking it from an ambition of knowledge to a more technical and more practical point, which generates the attraction of different social classes to be able to ascend economically and enjoy greater benefits andmeet more needs.

With that idea in the mind and that dream of ascending, the population began to take more interest in educating and sending young people to have a university education for that in Peru according to (Ceade, Anr, med) cited by (Diaz, S.f, p. 87) ‘’ According to the figures of the ANR, in 1970 the number of university applicants amounted to 64 thousand, while in 2005 they postulated 411 thousand young people. ’’. As a consequence, more studies center, higher institutes, artistic training schools, pedagogical institutions and technological institutes were created. With this change and mass interest of the population of wanting to acquire greater knowledge, the education system in Peru was evolving and rights and obligations began to be implemented that every student must keep in mind in their university career. These rights that are legally specified in Law No. 30220 of the University Law. Rights that safeguard the benefits that students have to have an integral and quality education as mentioned in different articles of this law. One of the most important rights for me as a university student is “ The search for truth, academic quality, autonomy ” (Law No. 30220, University Law, Legal Standards, 2014, Art 5), which is not being fulfilled in theNational Universities since they lack many benefits in the practical part such as laboratories that compared to private universities that have advanced laboratories and optimal facilities for development in their specialties. On the opposite side there is a notable difference in the academic level provided. This leads us to create professionals with deficiencies in some fields and being more difficult to compete in labor markets. Thus, he took to the reform of student rights for university students in search of equality between national and private universities.Thus, the SUENEDU (National Superintendecia of University Higher Education) began with certain demands to universities. The universities that met these demands were licensed ‘’ to date 80 universities and two postgraduate schools have received their operating license to offer the Higher University Educational Service ’’ (National Superintendence of University Higher Education, 2019). This degree provides a constant review to the universities to maintain a high educational level, as Dr. Mario Gutierrez Olortegui, rector of the University and Arts University of Latin America (UCAL) “is a licensed university (being a licensed university provides confidence, credibility and guarantee toStudents and assures them that the institution has the best academic, infrastructure and labor projection conditions, for the benefit of future professionals ”(Peru 21, 2017).

The Ministry of Education through SUENEDU is looking to improve education and is achieving changes projecting to be among the best in the world, but this not only depends on them, it also depends on the students of the effort and dedication that we put in the hourStudy and realize that knowledge is not just to learn new things, if not put into practice what we have learned and teach others to do the same encouraging more people to study. Just as the State gives us rights that we must enforce, we must somehow give back to society.

As a student of the House of Studies of the National University of Engineering and I have been able to observe the enthusiasm of my classmates seeking to learn more to achieve their objectives and goals in the future, that is achieving thanks to the rights we have and that we respect. Rights that help many students who do not have the necessary economic income, despite that there are many young students who misuse that rights, so become aware of those done in university life and reflect on whatEach as a student is achieving.  

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