The Right And Joy Of Food And Nutritional Safety

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Food and nutritional security seeks citizens to have a right and enjoy good healthy diet, just so that people can develop their products at the national and local level where they can have a good diet without any difficulty of illness such asMalnutrition, since in each country there is a ministry population that suffers from malnutrition due to some factors of each country that could have a small cup of unemployment and economic crisis which the countries suffer. The peasant people who are the ones who harvest and give the products, are follow processes to have a good food security, so that there is no bacterium disease of a product that is nursing the population.

Since its inception, the United Nations have established access to adequate food as an individual right and collective responsibility. The first of these rights is fundamental because it is related to the right of life. Therefore, states must do everything possible to promote a full enjoyment of the right to people in having adequate foods in their territory, to lead a healthy and active life. In general, to consider food, it is also required that they are also culturally acceptable and that they occur sustainably for the environment and society. On the other hand, food sovereignty is established as a peasant via, it is a right that provides peoples to choose what they eat and how they want to produce it. It is organized to the production and consumption of food according to the needs of local communities, giving priority to production for local and domestic consumption. Peasant people have to have access to land, water, seeds and productive resources, as well as adequate public services supply. Some of the basic components presented in food security are:

  • Availability: is to have the basic and sufficient good quality foods that meet the needs of the population.
  • Stability: It refers to food security, a population, a home or a person who must have access to adequate food at all times.
  • Access and Control: Store at all times with the physical, economic and social capacity to basic foods.
  • Biological consumption and use: Consumption refers to the ability to gain nutritious and adequate hygienic quality to meet the nutritional needs of people, on the other hand, biological use is the use of food to have health, productivityand quality of life.

Food insecurity is the drastic decrease in access to food or consumption levels due to environmental or social irrigation and is related to vulnerability, where this can be manifested chronic or transitory. Chronic food insecurity is long term or persistently, where people have no capacity to meet their minimal food needs. during a prolonged period. While the transitory is in the short term, so it is a temporary character, where there is a sudden fall of the ability to access a sufficient amount of food to maintain a good condition.

One of the factors presented in food insecurity are malnutrition, hunger and external poverty:

  • Malnutrition: refers to deficiency, excesses or imbalance in the consumption of macro or micronutrient of a food.
  • Hunger: Basic food shortage.
  • External poverty: they are that absolute or indigence poverty that have a lack of income necessary to meet their needs.

To end each of the farmers must have good health and food security to distribute their producers locally and nationally so as not to contract any disease through bacteria, at the same time we must know that as citizens we have an food right to haveA healthy life, so it is necessaryFood behind you see poverty, hunger and malnutrition, a support program for families without resources and a reasonable degree of stability in food supplies should be created.   

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