The Richest Man In Babylon, Reflexive Work

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The richest man in Babylon, reflexive work


This book begins with a first chapter which tries to Bansir the carriage builder of Babylon and this one has a little indifferent and began to think about his situation act and began to see a way of living better, along with his friendThe musician Kobi who arrives and asks for a loan, but he explains his situation and after a long talk they conclude that they lived in the richest city in the world and that they should do something to start the step to getwealth.

Kobi suggests his friend Bansir to ask the richest man in Babylon who was called Arkad and was their friends at school, they quickly go to him and he agrees to share his secrets with them. He tells them that at one point he was like them with nothing and that he came to make a challenge with Algamish who was a lender and I explain how he could really get the gold. The key was to keep the tenth of the money you charge and then this is invested in a productive business, I failed in the first one, but then in the second it did very well and Algamish see this he commissioned me some of his businesses, because his sonThey were very wasteful and in the east I inherited a part.

Seven ways to fill the bag

King Sárgon returns to Babylon and he meets a disaster which tells him his chancellor and tells him the situation of Babylon, immediately he suggests looking for a solution and the chancellor tells him about Arkad. The king gives the approval and suggests that he of his techniques to 100 man in Babylon.

Arkad begins to give him the 7 ways to fill his bag, which were:

  • Start filling the bags
  • Control expenses
  • Make gold fructify
  • Protect your loss treasures
  • Make your property profitable
  • Ensure future income
  • Increase the ability to acquire goods


The goddess of fortune

Here in the group of people where Arkad gave their knowledge of wealth and these who discussed their story in an open communication where everyone could speak, they had a great desire to know how luck could be obtained, after Arkad began withAn experience he had asked for volunteers to keep talking about similar experiences and through all these experiences they concluded that luck always arrives at the right time, you just have to know how to take advantage of it.

The five gold laws

In this part of the book the story of Arkad and his son Nomasir is told and he wants to know if his son is to administer his assets and Estele gives a table of laws and a gold bag and puts it to the test by sending him to travel through himworld. This after 10 years returned and explained to the father that he managed gold bad

Gold goes easily, in always more important quantities, the man who reserves no less than a tenth of his profits to create a good in anticipation of his future and that of his family.

  1. Gold works diligently and profitably for the wise holder who finds helpful use, multiplying even with herds in the fields
  2. Gold remains under the protection of the prudent holder who invests it according to the advice of wise men.
  3. Gold escapes the man who invests without any end in companies that are not familiar or not approved by those who know how to use gold.
  4. Gold flees from the man who forces him into impossible profits, who follows the seductive advice of frauds and scammers or who trusts his own inexperience and his romantic investment intentions.


Babylonian gold lender

This is a lender who wins a large amount of gold for his work and his sister wants to take it borrow so that her husband puts a business, he asks for advice to a lender who gives him the advice to invest in a businessprofitable and that I did not trust to be relatives.

The walls of Babylon

In this story, the walls are reflected through a parable and this one leaves the message personally in our finances that we cannot live without being protected.

The Babylonian camel trafficker

This deals with a man who, for taking his wife, is indebted and this measure decides.

Babylon’s mud tablets

In this part, the tablets that arkad are discovered and that these were used to settle accounts, with this table a teacher found a system that carries financial safety and tranquility.

The Babylonian most favored by luck

In this part he tells a young man who feels winged by the riches of his grandfather and one of his slaves tells him that his grandfather was a slave before having his wealth and that he only worked very hard to get everythingThat has now. 

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