The Review About The Movie: The Secret In Their Eyes

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The review about the movie: The Secret in Their Eyes

This is an Argentine-Spanish film that won the Oscars in the category of Best Foreign Film. The film was later in English in 2015 with the same translated name The Secret in Eyes. 

The film is about a novel that Benjamin (Ricardo Darín), a retired federal officer, is looking to write. 25 years ago there was a peculiar case in which Benjamin was working and he wants to write the novel about this case. He comes to know Irene (Soledad Villamil) who was the new head of department at that time and now he is a judge. The case was about a girl, Liliana (Carla Quevedo), who was brutally raped and killed. 

While they argue about the novel, the 25 -year -old case takes place for the audience. A year later, Benjamin convinces Irene to open the case. Along with this, they also show some sparks between Irene and Benjamin. However, Irene is committed to another person and they leave it like this. Pablo identifies that the names that Isidoro uses in the cards are related to the players in a Racing Club in Buenos Aires. Paul realizes that Isidoro is very likely at the club, so they are going there to catch him. They are lucky and arrest it. They bring it to interrogate it. But they do this illegally. They have nothing to accuse him. Irene intervenes to stop him, but he realizes that Isidoro’s eyes are looking at her. She also realizes that this guy could be the murderer. Irene provokes and exposes it (literally) and confesses its crime too. 

This is the problem. Isidoro goes to jail. But Romano, another person from the Department of Justice that Benjamin hates and has even physically attacked in relation to another case, is now in charge of Isidoro. Instead of keeping Isidoro locked up, he decides to find a path and release him just to take revenge on Benjamin. Romano releases Isidoro for having helped obtain information to combat the leftist guerrillas. Indeed, it’s just a lagoon to get it. Benjamin gives Ricardo this news of the liberation of Isidoro and Ricardo is disappointed, but thanks Benjamín for his efforts. Shortly after this, Pablo is killed. Who kills him? Well, that is not revealed. But perhaps these are hitmen sent by Isidoro. 

Benjamin could be the next possible goal. So, fearing for his life, he moves to the province of Jujuy. Benjamín and Irene are last at the train station. Somewhere at this time, Ricardo locates and kidnaps Isidoro. Ricardo believes that Isidoro deserves life imprisonment for his crime and not death. Death is fast while life imprisonment makes you regret crime in your life. Ricardo builds a cell in a small building near his home. He puts Isidoro here and keeps him there giving him food and keeping him alive;This is your life imprisonment. No one knows this the years spend the end of the film shows Benjamin locating Ricardo and taking his full book to read it. Ricardo initially gets angry with Benjamin’s questions about how Ricardo found peace knowing that the murderer was free. 

Soon, Ricardo confesses that after the release of Isidoro, he kidnapped him and killed him. Benjamin leaves but feels that something is off. Specifically remembers Ricardo that he didn’t want to kill Isidoro. Benjamín follows Ricardo to the near building. Benjamin enters and finds an old Isidoro in an impromptu cell that Ricardo keeps alive. Isidoro is in a terrible state due to its lone confinement for decades. All he wants is to speak to him and desperately asks Benjamin to ask Ricardo to talk to him. 

In my opinion, the movie was great, I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie without consulting my phone. The film began as an easy -to -understand movie, which soon became one of the best suspense movies I’ve seen in my life. He kept me excited throughout the movie, and kept me attached to the screen during the 2 full hours of watching the movie. It was the type of film that, while you see it, you think you know how it will develop, but seconds later the movie shows you that you are wrong. From the murder, to the death of a good friend and even the love that never happened … This movie is really incredible, and certainly deserved an Oscar.

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