The Representation Of Hell

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Dante defines an exact point where hell is located, this would be under the city of Jerusalem. Mainly structured in nine circles which are subdivided, as you go into it, they are smaller and narrow referring to how far you would be from God according to sin committed.

At the top is the jungle, the coliseum and the hill where Dante was lost before meeting Virgil, then the door is found to the hell that leads to the hall of hell – a place of the indifferent – also called before hell. Before entering hell, the Aquente river must be crossed in the Barca de Caronte who is responsible for crossing souls;Hell is divided into two: High hell and low hell.


The high hell is made up of the first five circles where incontinent sins and the low hell of the last four circles reserved for violent and fraudulent sins are. The first circle is called and is for those who have not been baptized, they do not see God. The second is the lust there are the lustful submerged in a great whirlwind that has them in the most absolute solitude.

Third circle is the sin of the gluttony, the convicted live in the mud while they continually fall intense rain and are bound by the three -headed cerber monster. The fourth circle with the sin of greed, here they must live glued to each other, mocking each other, drag huge weights that are equivalent to what they squandered or stabbed in life. 

Fifth circle where the angry and lazy are found, surrounded by the Estigia lagoon and many convicted suffer their punishment in their boiling lava;There is also the whose posterior wall divides the high hell of low hell. From here sins are no longer considered passive but active and therefore punishments are worse.

In the sixth circle are the heretics who despised and badly appointed the Holy Trinity being locked in boiling tombs, in the seventh circle are the violent divided into three groups into different enclosures: first there are the violent ones that damage others, they live submerged in aboiling blood river and a minotaurs patrol shoots anyone who tries to escape.

The following are punished suicides are converted into a tree, pecked and bitten by the Harpias;Finally are the violent against God and nature. The blasphemous, sodomites and usurers live in a huge desert of burning sand while a rain of flames falls. The eighth circle has the sin of deception and fraud, this is divided into 10 graves that represent sins for malice.


Rufianes and seducers, flatterers, simoniacos, sorcerers, astrologers and false prophets;Corrupt politicians, hypocrites, thieves, bad advisors, discord generators and counterfeiters, their punishment is having scabiosis and scratching the skin until it starts it. In the ninth circle are the traitors and Satan himself stuck on the earth is also the cooking lake frozen by the wind that emits the wings of the devil;In the heads of Satan are Casio, Gross and Judas, who are chewed and royed for all eternity. 

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