The Relationship Between Plastic Consumption And Marine Pollution

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The relationship between plastic consumption and marine pollution

Marine pollution is a serious situation faced in the seas of the world. The solution to this problem is the recently implemented, Law No. 30884 of Plastics in Peru. This law will question the consumption of Peruvian citizens and will achieve changes in it, since, currently, unnecessary plastic use has increased in all public and private sectors of Peru. I consider that the execution of this law will be effective in our country and will achieve the objectives set in the Peruvian population.

On the one hand, this legal measure will contribute to the brake of the use of plastic bags and get the attention of the population in the face of concern to preserve the environment. According to the Peruvian Andean News Agency, the sorbets and bags of less than 30 centimeters per side will be prohibited once the period of one year after the approval of this law has been finished, currently already in force since December last year. In addition, since July 28, 2021, the manufacture of all complex degradation material will be prohibited. The Ministry of Environment in an article in the newspaper El Comercio written by Rojas, indicated, according to data from experiences in other countries, that the taxes applied to the consumption of plastic bags will reduce the consumption of these by 30%. Likewise, the Minam proposes to carry out education events to promote awareness of plastics, generating, with good hope, a positive impact for the beginning of a sustainable era.

 With this information, we can show that the implementation of the Plastics Law Ciñe concrete goals and adequate deadlines for the correct manipulation of legal elements that will achieve the purposes of environmental care. The plastic law will mean the result of a dialogue between the State, the Peruvian population and those public or private companies that are committed to this cause.

On the other hand, the execution of the Plastics Law in Peru will ensure that Peruvians have knowledge of the environmental and biodegradable alternative alternatives. According to RPP News, solid waste is generated daily in large -magnitude figures. Of around 23 thousand tons of these, 10% is composed of plastic. In addition, an average of 30 kilograms of plastic is used by an average Peruvian citizen per year, thus increasing the consumption number of 3 billion plastic bags per year. Data collected from the Minam in an article of the legisher written by Reategui, establish that taxes will not apply to biodegradable bags. 

This will open a door to frequent innovation, technological improvement and new opportunities for production of eco-amygible materials with various elements of our biodiversity.

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