The Reality Show Youngy And Girls

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The article is totally current, since it was published on June 25 of this year by Alejandro Sánchez-Sicily and Jenny Cubells Serra in the online journal Athenea Digital. The program began in 2015 in Barcelona and has thousands of spectators. The reality is very popular among the youngest. On the other hand, its tronistas has a lot of impact on social networks even some of them make bowling in discos. This program has the same operation as the entertainment program ‘Women, men and vice versa’. In fact, many of the participants confess that they consume this type of programs.


It is aimed at a younger audience, it is basically a copy of this, but the “boys and girls” platform is YouTube and not a television network. What the authors intend with this text is to analyze the interpretive repertoires about the sexual emotional relationships of the participants of the “Chicos y Girls” program. In order to analyze these interpretive repertoires, they will rely on the analysis of Jonathan Potter and Margaret Wetherell’s speech. Specifically, the grammatical and rhetorical strategies that these adolescents use in particular are analyzed to build their interpretations about the search for love.

And the bases that the authors must focus on loving construction in relation to sexual and affective relations that develop in adolescents. It is also at this stage when practices linked to machismo or patriarchy are developed and the idea of romantic love emerges. It should be reiterated that the program is presented on the YouTube platform and is very popular among adolescents, approximately one million viewers that are why the “boys and girls” is a program that mimics the Telecinco chain program “Women, men, menand vice versa ”, as we have said before.

But this is aimed at a younger audience, between 14 and 19 that go in search of love. Within this program, tronistas (who are the ones who seek love), the suitors who will conquer the tronistas, the public who sometimes intervene to comment and the presenter, all of them teenagers enter into the scene. But there are also adult people who are called "advisors of love". Its main function is to ask questions and advise tronistas. Although the opinion of the spectators also fulfills an important function. The operation of the program is simple.


The suitors are in the middle of the seated room and on each side of them the advisors of love, a girl and a boy. The presenter moves through the room and the purpose is that the suitors talk to their tronistas to earn an appointment. The importance of this type of programs is highlighted on the YouTube platform because, although virtual relationships do not give the same importance, the first allow easy entry and exit relationships. The study is carried out through qualitative and specifically.

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