The Reality Of The Man Reflected In The Latin American Theater

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The reality of the man reflected in the Latin American Theater

In the following work we will talk about the characteristics and conflicts that occur in the work "Matthew" with the purpose of answering several questions generated in the work of Armando Discépolo following the adaptation process, that is, as the characters suffer with theArrival of modernity, such is the case of the main character Don Miguel who, because his only means of work was the carriage, this was replaced by the car, so we see in Matthew’s work that when this new genre is created thatIt was the Creole grotesque, has as its starting point the characteristics of a family with low resources in such a way this allows to show the reality that immigrants passed in Argentina when moderniad arrived. The work brings with it the reflection of a society victim of labor failure with it, as well as the question of the importance of maintaining a modern society or not, so the investigation will focus on the questioning of man following the conflictsthat happen to him reflected within the work. Next, the research work will begin with the first question.

  • The questioning of man in the work Matthew?

To answer this unknown we have to think about what happens to this Italian immigrant who wanted to come to Latin America thinking that things are much simpler and having immigrated with his family to Argentina suffer the arrival of modernity by modernity by what is complicated by things because the arrival of the cars that the work is taking away from what this character Miguel does not understand what happens and this man continues with the same thought he must continue working on The same since that was the only thing I knew how to do for what we can see the modernity of cars beat the man at that time and continue in the same trying to maintain those values ​​that characterize him and for this reason this man begins to suffer The humiliation of not being able to bring money to his house because according to (Quezada, 2011) “From the historical one, it is proposed that the successor stage of modernity is postmodernity, which begins at medium two of the twentieth century, with the new intelligent technological advances ”. So we can say that technological advances are necessary for what we can ask ourselves.

  • Does the man succumb to change or do he need to survive?

According to (Vailrd, 2013) she tells us that Mateo is a work that encourages us to think.

The resistance to change is something very common because we are afraid of the unknown, we are not able to control the future, destabilizes the unknown of what will come, even when this horizon can hide a more prosperous and cheerful future.

So we can say first this man is not someone young, so he gives in to change, it is something complicated that this man who is accustomed to his carriage overnight changes and much less if he does not have money to do so for what theAnswer would be that if a change for survival is necessary to continue feeding your family and somehow getting ahead. Now we will analyze the other question because this man for what we see is willing to much for his family since he gets to steal and breaks his moral and ethics that was seen at the beginning of this work so we see that this man is willing not to fail himto their family in order for them to be well and can continue surviving. So we see a new question, is man prepared for change regarding modernity? I say that this 60 -year -old would not be preparing so this man is initialAnd as people usually stop calling him to get on to another transport is annoying because he already stops earning money so not having that family help because his three children do not support him and sees how his friend SeverinoAchieve success thanks to the robbery, he sees this path as an exit which is complicated and ends up damaged therefore an old man cannot be prepared to change. On the other hand, we have his son who is much younger than the father and after seeing how he works and after failing he takes the place of the father and begins as a driver so we can see clear example that this young man has seen his work at hisFather always in this carriage, but instead of getting something similar to work he succumbed to the modern and began working as a driver.

  • So we continue with more unknowns about the first question: Is family aid fundamental in man?

Of course, even if this is not the case I think that if Miguel had had the support, even if his son he would not have had to steal and perhaps seeing his son adapted in the modern as this is in the end there could beChanged things but by another point of view in the work you see how the children tell the father to modernize because he looks like Miguel is hard with his daughter for spending money on makeup, she tells him that she wanted to modernize whileMiguel wanted to continue living in ancient times did not see that as a solution simply discusss with his daughter on the other hand we also see how his youngest son wants to support him but not in the way he wants him to be working as if not he wanted to be aboxer and be famous and earn money for what we see here we see another young man wanting to get ahead and help his family even if his relationship is not the best since he confronted him wanted to help in a way.

  • So having seen the previous question we can say, is this man afraid of modernity?

I think that this character as Miguel is created in order to reflect that thing that happens not only with the immigrant but also with what happened daily to several Argentines who affected the issue of modernity seeing these cars which withoutThey doubted mobility but certainly left several people also of a mature age like Miguel’s usually stagnant so it can be said that they have a fear of the new since they are accustomed to them to what theirtime and we see that with the inclusion of the grotesque Creole we observe this reality that was lived in Argentina at that time and as most adults are afraid of change with respect to the modern.

The resistance to change is something very common because we are afraid of the unknown, we are not able to control the future, destabilizes the unknown of what will come, even when this horizon can hide a more prosperous and cheerful future.

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