The Reality Of Health Systems

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Orwell’s problem tells us that totalitarian systems in propaganda are responsible for generating very extensive opinions and in turn transmit a lot of information, which lacks foundations that support said information. Which generates that these systems have the approval and support of the public, as well as for the use of persuasive resources implemented to achieve positive acceptance towards the public to which one wants to reach. It is the way in which these power groups can have a control or manipulate at their mercy the management of health systems as in the documentary "Sicko" by Michael Moore.

In the documentary you can see the differences between the health systems of different countries such as: USA, Canada, England, Cuba, etc. Especially in the United States where the health system is in the hands of insurance companies since health services are not free and you have to pay to receive medical care. While in the rest of the countries medical attention is completely free or at least a very small amount is paid for medications, but does not serve as a payment but as a contribution which is less than 5% of the real total value ofThe medicines. In these countries unlike the United States there are no power or pressure groups that use health services for their own benefit, a fact that happens on the other hand in the United States where everything is governed by private health institutions that do not see thehealth services as an indispensable and free right but as a business. Taking advantage of all those who paid their medical insurance and rejected the payment of medical accounts. We must also add that there are around 63 million people who do not have medical insurance and thinking about the idea that if there is a person who has their insurance rejects the payment of their policies, due to the high costs patients do notThey can pay for their medical expenses, as would be even more difficult for those who have no insurance.

Those who make up the groups that control health systems in the United States seek to govern the rulers using bribes and come materials since these rulers are those that allow entrepreneurs, owners of pharmacists and private hospitals to work without legal problems, that theinsurers can reject insurance policies allowing many people to die for bad services or simply denied attention. Insurance companies can continue working without fear that people can retaliate against them. Sadly it is the sector of the low middle class who is the victim of these abuses, when he was finally heard for the first time the motion of removing privatization in the health sector by Hilary Clinton dozens of millions gave him his support, however,It was an impossible struggle since there were multinational pharmaceuticals, businessmen, conservative members of Congress who were not going to allow her to fulfill her goal there. However, it did not seem that he abandoned his idea at all because later a law was taken that said that free care would be provided as long as certain requirements are met. Which were quite quite and did not facilitate obtaining medical assistance, this law did not help in much because attention was not provided when there was always needed and always sought to be "pretext" to deny or reject free medical assistance.

High government controls gave their faces, they talked about the best way referring to health systems with eloquence and good advertising, but the wise population of plenty of what those leaders said was not true expressed themselves better than it really was. Within Moore’s same documentary, it can be seen as several congressmen subsequently resigned from their political position and became the business of companies aimed at the health sector which is more than quite obvious that it was corruption and that all those things that thatThey had said and promised people were not true.

In the rest of the aforementioned countries, health systems worked totally different from that of the United States but equal to each other. In Canada, Cuba and England health services are free since the law does not allow the privatization of health sectors in addition to their militants share the idea that health services are primordial and that no person should worry about payingfor being attended, but in resting and recovering is a right to which everyone must have access without distinction.

It is a complete turn if we make comparisons between health systems. Countries where it does not seem that the Government is interested.

Always within a society there must be leaders who manage in this case a country, it is easy to appreciate that in the United States the government is feared by the people and this makes it not make great efforts to demand and obtain the right thing, they fallWithin a comfort zone they become conformist and do not manifest out of fear. While in places like Canada and England it happens that it is the government who fears for the people since they do not want disagreements, that if the people would exist and that would not give a good image of the government in this way they seek to meet the needs ofthe population.

The most appropriate health system in my opinion is the one that the countries of Canada and England manage respectively. Mainly the system that uses and the extra services it offers unlike the rest of the countries that work under the slogan that the health sector provides free care, however, in England in addition to the fact that medical care is completely free also offer the serviceof doctors who go and attend at home. Medications apply if necessary and everything is at no cost. In addition, it offers support services for people residing alone and need assistance in household work itself that is at no cost. They also offer very good work schedules, even giving many days of disability if they are required for people who need medical attention or have suffered from an accident. All expenses are subsidized by the tax government charged by taxpayers. People when they get sick should only worry about resting.

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