The Reality Of Environment Pollution

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Throughout history and it has been proven multiple times that planet Earth is undoubtedly a closed system and therefore its resources are not inexhaustible, but have a limit. As the human being evolves, changes have been shown in several aspects that directly or indirectly affect the environment. One of the most relevant aspects is industrial and commercial evolution, since it has been responsible for triggering great consequences such as air and soil pollution following the accumulation of industrial waste, air pollution, waters, among others, among others. 

But our analysis goes a little further, we can notice that these changes go a little further, since certainly diverse companies (both large and smaller have been responsible for making advertising campaigns, communicated and even appearances related to environmental awareness and At the same time, they overflow the planet of products with an abusively forceful ecological footprint. Then we wonder where is our morals as entrepreneurs and as human beings?

What is the reality of the environment today?

It is unquestionable that human activities influence and generate an impact on our environmental environmental ecosystem and, that each time the insatiable thirst to consume more leads the human being to perform larger actions, therefore, this impact is more and more overwhelming.

From the beginning of industrialization, our planet has entered a new era where human beings govern the dominant role in the environment of the environment of the Earth. Como se ha mencionado anteriormente, el crecimiento exponencial de las actividades humanas trae como consecuencia el incremento de la preocupación, y a su vez la presión de que en cualquier momento la Tierra podría desestabilizarse de manera abrupta y no paulatina como lo ha venido haciendo, cambios que They are already practically irreversible such as the current situation of the rate of decreased animal species.

A study by researchers at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ensures that we currently live a "global epidemic" towards a "sixth mass extinction" thanks to the damages caused, in large part, by the human being. Several researchers have shown their support before this study, making this bustle in order to raise awareness of the population of the magnitude of the problem. Gerardo Ceballos, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, acknowledged that the study is written with a particularly alarming tone compared to the standard of academic research work. "It would be little ethical not to use this language to attract attention to this problem".

Although numerous and thorough investigations have been made, the environmental situation remains a deep dilemma since the dominant panorama in social and economic development remains widely unconscious of the risk so great that is being caused. They are unconscious that what today can be a contaminated beach can become an entire ocean and later an environmental disaster later. The actions induced by the human being are able to achieve a small impact at continental and planetary scales.     

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