The Reality Lived In Zoos

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The reality lived in zoos


For hundreds of years the human being has sought entertainment exhibiting animals. While the first zoos were nothing more than luxurious cages where exotic animals were piled up, then they began to imitate their natural habitat so that they could have an environment similar to that they would have in nature. The truth is that animal life in a zoo shows the true costs of captivity, pretending that they can be "good" when it really is not so. Animal life in a zoo: the eternal captivity.


Although zoo seek to get wild animals to adapt in a captive environment, reality is another. These animals will always be wild since they carry it in the blood, and no amount of false trees or grasslands will deceive them making them believe that they are in their natural habitat. Some animals in zoos usually present abnormal behaviors and this is undoubtedly a clear consequence of their life in captivity. They are nothing more than indications of stress caused by confinement. Bite the bars, shake your head, twist your neck, regurgitate and self-save.

They are just some of the behaviors that are observed in captivity animals that only want to return to their natural habitat. What is the true message that zoos leave? Nothing is further from reality when it is said that zoo have an "educational" role since the real life of animals being in nature, nothing looks like their life behind bars. If a zoo should give a lesson, it would certainly be wrong. Since humans have no right to enslave animals and not to use them for entertainment purposes despite their suffering. 

A zoo does not teach to respect and neither does it allow animals to live life that really yearn and deserve. The behavior of animals living in zoos is typical of many others in captivity. They are atrophied beings living in an unnatural environment. Zoological do not teach about the natural life of those of animals, on the contrary, they provide a distorted image and teach how animals should not live. Animal life in a zoo is far from what it should be. Animals suffer, sometimes they are depressed, disturbed and frustrated.


Animals get sick or go hungry. Others support extreme temperatures to which they are not accustomed. Dolphins and marine lions, for example, are ridiculed in public through degrading actions that cause them high levels of stress. Animals are exposed to the flashes of the cameras and hundreds of people passing every day in front of their cages to look at them. A zoo can fool the human being making him believe that his habitats are completely natural, but he cannot deceive animals. 

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