The Protection Of Industries Through Copyright

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The protection of industries through copyright

Society is in an unprecedented change. The linking and deepening of information and communications technologies have taken a total turn to the way we interact in the most diverse scenarios. These changes have allowed, among other things, to deepen markets that are of recent emergence and has given way to the emergence of others. Thanks to this, the consumption of cultural goods and technological tools has increased, moving to markets where the enjoyment of creations protected by copyright and related rights has gained greater relevance such as, for example, digital platforms.

The legal regime of copyright and related rights grants incentives to promote innovation and creativity. Thanks to the productions of talent and human ingenuity it is possible to promote actions, in the face of some challenges that humanity must face, among which is climate change.

Creative sectors both in production and consumption have proven to have great possibilities to contribute to the conservation of the environment. Talent is inexhaustible, the same does not happen with non -renewable natural resources, including mineral reserves, on which much of the world economy has depended for a long time. It is then convenient for countries that want to seek new sources of wealth generation, which at the same time allows them to preserve their forest reserves and natural resources, boost sectors protected by copyright and related rights.

In the promotion of “responsible production and consumption”, one of the sustainable development objectives, the need to manage natural resources and the elimination of toxic waste is contemplated. Given the intangibility of works protected by copyright and benefits protected by related rights, both production, dissemination and consumption of works can be reducing the use of polluting materials to the maximum possible, without reducing the capacity for enjoymentof such assets. As an example, the dissemination of a book can be done today, through digital formats, which decreases the use of papers, inks and others. Similarly, the dissemination of musical and audiovisual works can be done through digital formats and platforms, which implies a reduction in the use of plastics and metals, highly toxic and necessary for the manufacture of different types of supports, as is the caseof compact discs. The above, without counting on the great contributions of the software for the operation of the Internet of things and the analysis of data through artificial intelligence systems for the implementation of the tools that allow us to take care of the environment.

Finally, we cannot fail to recognize the valuable work of authors, artists, interpreters and cultural industries in the awareness of the public through works and interpretations that reflect the need for environmental care if we want a green future, there have been many peopleof the creative sector who have given the first response in this awareness, not only linking to important global and national campaigns, but producing various types of content in this regard.

In this sense, the industries protected by copyright, especially those that operate in the digital environment and within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will allow maximizing production and consumption without affecting the environment, which will contribute to the walkTowards a green future. Happy Intellectual Property Day.   

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