The Prominence Of The Prophets In The History Of Israel

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The prominence of the prophets in the history of Israel

The prophets were men with a well-defined character (Jer 3: 12-13), they were common people and currents, some began their ministry from a very young man (Jer 1: 5), others at a more mature age. Some were of intellectual formation, others were not peasants and God made them a timely call (Isa 1; Jer 1)

The prophets had an important prominence in all the periods of the people of Israel, always showing the plan of salvation that God revealed them in Bible history. They assumed responsibilities such as Air Reyes, others served as priests and judges. The prophets were always urging to obey God’s mandates, rather than making sacrifices that did not glorify their name, they let the kings know that those sacrifices God despised them.

The prophets had very remarkable qualities, obedience to God (Jon 3: 1-3), the service to people, the kings (2 re 20: 1-11), the community to the nation, in the temple to God. The prophets were important men for the kings, because they needed their advice to know what decisions they should make regarding the nation, the strategies for battles, to place administrative, religious, moral laws etc. Many of them did not attend the words of the prophets and ended up disobeying and reached the point of throwing them into jail, to torture them (AM 7: 10-13). For the prophets it was always important.

The prophets had to announce, they had to confront the kings and the nation with sin, they specifically spoke what the sin they were committing, without giving surroundings, without placing mask to sin, they were direct, clear to rebuke about sin (Jer 22: 10-30; Isa 3: 1-25). They let the kings, priests, leaders and the nation their disobedience to the Word of God, used stories, chronicles, stories to illustrate sin, also used analogies and similarities to understand the disobedience they lived, which were reallyaway from God. Unfortunately some did not understand, others did not obey, others were shameless and burned the writings of the prophets, others did not like them and took reprisals against them taking them to jail, exile and threatening them with death.

The prophets were spokesmen of God to announce judgment to nations, including Israel for being nations that lived in injustice, immorality, religious life, social problems, where social injustice abounded, they did not care about widows, orphans, rich oppressedTo the poor, they mistreated abroad and thought only of bringing prosperous lives regardlessThe Nation of Israel (OS 6: 5).

But not only the prophets were to give judgment on Israel and the people were also bearers of good news, of the grace of God, of the love of God, of his mercy, his patience etc. (ISA 60)

The problem of the people of Israel was that he did not want to leave sin, the idolatry that was abomination for God and that he was leading them to the destruction of their lives, to the destruction of the entire nation for that again and again God sent them prophetsAll the time to tell them that they abandoned the sin that stopped carrying sick, painful lives (ISA 36,37,39; am 5: 21-27; am 8: 4-8);God did not want to see them suffer and that’s why he sent the prophets to give them hope.

The prophets are spokesman for God, to also call the kings and Israel to repentance to leave sin, lie, idolatry, deception, injustice, evil, pride … etc. And turn to God to his commandments, his decrees, to the Torah, who change their way of sin and come to God, humiliated, repentant, willing to obey God, from heart, really, transformed that truly leave the customs of othersnations, sin, which will leave everything for God. So that they could enjoy their promises, of all the blessings that God had for them for obedience. God wanted his people to be above the other nations of the earth, that their lands gave fruit, that they had cattle and increase every day, that there would be no food in families, that their enemies were always defeated that every day their people wereHe will increase, his assets, his fruits, his cattle, his land, the Lord had promised them to bless all the work of his hands, to the point that they would never depend on other nations, but quite the opposite they would lend them to other nations.

The Lord sends to the prophets to remember them, to warn them, to prevent them through his word that he had decreed consequences for disobedience to his mandates that he lord had decreed curse if they did not keep and obey his word and the truth is more the curses are more cursesthat there is to disobey the word that God through the prophets wanted to avoid his people, to suffer, to end destroyed, demolished, finished. But as God teaches it through His Word, he also offers hope, again and again, God wanted them to know his merciful, loving, forgiving character.

The warnings made by the prophets, urging the kings and the people, not only did they not see him pleasant to their lives, but also saw the prophets as their enemies, because the bad thing that happened to Israel was the fault of the prophets,Without recognizing that the evil that came to Israel, was for disobedience.

The prophets that had to make prophecies and miracles that were going to happen soon in their days so that the people of Israel understood that they were spokesmen of God and were very prodigious miracles portentous, amazing, make it not rained or rained miracles that hadWhat to do with natural laws and their prophecies were so accurate that people were surprised, it regretted, but after a while, they were already in disobedience again.

The prophets lived very difficult times, on opportunities they had to flee, for days hiding from the kings to avoid being dead, but God always protected them, I keep them, covered all their needs.

Many people were blessed through the prophets, they were fed, they received material prosperity, they began miracles of health, resurrected dead, God did many miracles through the prophets (2 King 20: 1-11).

The prophets were men of prayer, men who cried out our powerful God because they knew that life, miracles, salvation, promises come from him. (Jer 33: 3)

The prophets were people of faith, their confidence in God was accurate, safe, firm, they knew that God responded their prayers, they knew that the one who had called them was the true God, Holy, He Almighty.

The prophets obeyed in an immediate way, the call that God made to them, their answer was immediate to obey all the mandates of the Lord.

The prophets were people who obeyed God’s orders in a precise, punctual, necessary, faithful and immediate way, perhaps they thought that these orders were not consistent and some of the prophets made claims to the Lord for injustice, immorality,idolatry etc. that he was living in Israel, but also becauseThere was hope for the kings and the nation and this did not like the prophets, to know that God would forgive them of such evil if they regretted.

How beautiful to see how the prophets without excuses ended up obeying with good attitude and disposition, regardless of the consequences.

The prophets were brave, without fear, without fear of having to lose their lives or they did not care that they had to be or do tortured, exiled, martyred, when the prophets gave a message for the future, they believed it and in them there was no uncertainty, insecurity, anguish, or anxiety, did not doubt the word of God and all this did not allow them to be afraid and that is why their message was forcefully, without fear of being wrong and that generated them courage, courage, decision accompanied by areal and true trust and with a surprising talk. But as the years passed, they were also encouraged to see their predecessors that brought the same message and see how God towards wonders through them.

The prophets were fearful men of God, they carried God’s message with a lotsuffering, judgment that would come, but obeyed. But as repeated in each prophet through the wonders that God did through them, the character of God, loving, compassionate, was revealed, his divine nature was revealed, his wonderful attributes. This happened in the prophets because it was the same God who chose them, what I call them, that I purify them, clean them, I sanctify them. In the prophets there were so many powerful and wonderful miracles that they felt the protection of God. In spite of everything that happened in them, they were common people and currents, simple, humble, always willing to obey God, his example was that they served both powerful and poor alike;The message of the prophets transcended Israel’s borders to Syria, the prophets were very clear that their service was not focused on men if not to God, so they become an example for our lives.

The message of the prophets was always a message where sin will be eradicated, idolatry because it was what caused destruction, painful consequences for Israel, but they also gave that message of hope that would bring stability for the nation so it was for a while. The prophets always sought well -being for the kings and the nation. The prophets were very committed, willing to be used by God, patients always waiting for the times of God for every moment of his ministry, they were persevering, wise, influential and important men for their nation, because in many moments they fought Israel to be defeated, destroyed, disasters, sufferings and pain, warning how to avoid falling into battle against their enemies, how appropriate were the prophets to inform and warn, to avoid falling into battle, to avoid ruin, pain at many times, although althoughUnfortunately they were going to be destroyed by pagan nations, by their disobedience, their sin, their idolatry, their injustice, their immorality;They forgot that God had fulfilled his promises, giving them the land he had promised them, a fertile, productive land, with cattle, a land that flowed milk and honey.

The prophets despite having been persecuted, despised, also enjoyed a good reputation, because it was necessary to consult with them because they knew that the message they had was from God. The prophets were consecrated, men of prayer, cried out to God every day by their nation, had communion, relationship, intimacy with God, they fasted to have a union, a special link with God. God predicted through them, not only future events in the short term, they also prophesied events to hundreds of years (which were fulfilled perfectly, it was finally inspiration from God), this is very surprising, but they also had the privilege ofProphesy, to announce it from the Messiah with all by minors, this prophecy was going to be the one to bring hope, eternal life and salvation, restoration, unity, reconciliation, the prophets announce the main event that a man can receive without deserving it, salvation, this is the hope for the sinner, for the nation of Israel, it is the hope for the other nations, it is the hope for the entire world. The prophets also had the privilege of announcing the second coming of the Savior and the new land with the new heavens.

The prophets through expressing their feelings and emotions regarding their relationship with the chosen people and with humanity made God the personality of God clearly and with the love of God, manifesting to his people could see the character of God. It is evident that, if we put a parallel with the prophets, we are a bit left, according to the character and profile that exposes the word of God on the prophets, we are being first challenged in our faith and our walk with Christ, how should weAttend to God’s call and his orders about us, with which we are promptly obeying his word. However, another point to highlight from the prophets and that should be reflected in our life is the character with which they exposed the word that came from God, the way they preached their word. When we talk about God and preach his word, we must do it with the full conviction that this word is more sharp than anything else. Our faith must be back with our obedience, with our actions, with evangelizing, that implies true faith. And that faith is brought out all the prophets, a faith accompanied by obedience.

It is also important to highlight the way in which we go to God and reverence, respect we have towards our creator, to pray we must do it with humility, humiliate us deeply and recognize that God is the Almighty and that everything revolves around his will,that everything fulfills their purposes and that we are only part of its creation and that we have been created to express adoration with each of the things we do, as did the prophets.

At the time of preaching, as we preach with character, warning people about their coming anger, about the punishment of disobedience, about the consequence of sin and more than that on the pay of sin;We cannot also forget to preach about the love of God, of forgiveness, of repentance, regardless.

We must seek to obey at the time God asks for it, not when we want. We must evangelize and preach your word without excuses, with attitude and disposition. Always keeping in mind that doing this work for God does not make us greater than others, that we are common and currents, simple people in search of humility and in search of continuous and permanent obedience to God;We must keep in mind that we have not come to please man and talk to him pretty, but we have come to please God, that we are willing to let ourselves be used by God and understanding that we are an example before other people of how our walk should beGod.

The prophets were very committed, willing to be the instrument of God, they were patients at the perfect time of God and persevered in the search and proclamation of the Word of God, in that same way we should try to maintain that profile. Seeking to warn, prevent and inform others of the dangers that assert those who ignore the presence of God, we must be tools of God so that people understand that God wants to prevent us from suffering and must be tools to anticipate any misfortune that falls on whomThey get carried away by enemy’s temptations.  

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