The Problem Solving Approach As A Cognitive Mediation Strategy

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The problem solving approach as a cognitive mediation strategy

This is the list of all soulaudan considers that science in essence, is the human activity by which there is a solution to different variety of problems. This can be evidence. For example, the need to fly, where the Wright brothers achieved in 1903 the first 59 second flight, in a heavy device than the air; The question about how to improve flight was always. Great aeronautical developments can be evidenced that have given birth to large machines capable of transport. This is to quote only one of the many examples existing in the present, noticing that there is an indisputable link between problem solving and scientific knowledge, where each discipline addresses from their particular vision, the issues related to what is a problem and its possible solution methods.

This vision of science, to solve problems, is equally shared by professionals in a variety of scientific disciplines. It could also be assumed that the purpose of science is to create, develop and transmit knowledge.

If, through solving a problem, it has been possible to make advances in science and technology, the question about how to ensure that students can understand a concept has also been of great interest within the didactics of science. Due to the great concern that has been had on the approach to problem solving, in the teaching of mathematics, agents involved in the resolution of a problem and the components that articulate it must be distinguished very precisely. Due to the above, in the teaching of mathematics, three components must be distinguished: the problem as the question to be raised, the student to whom the problem and the situation that in the educational context refer to to the classroom, managed by the teacher

For Ausubel, in problem solving, the cognitive representations of the student’s previous experiences such as the components of the current problem situation that is being developed, must be reorganized, transformed or recombined to achieve a designed objective designed. In this way it can be determined that, as a didactic strategy, the problem solving approach is a fairly fertile field where the teacher can handle different significant problem situations, to achieve a genuine significant learning in the student. Due to the great need to achieve this purpose, it is that from the 80’s, the idea of ​​including in the mathematics curricula, the problem solving approach as a fundamental axis of its teaching has been working.

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