The Problem Of World Overpopulation

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The problem of world overpopulation

Millions of years have passed since the appearance of the human being on planet Earth, we have evolved in an incredible way;However, this evolution has led to both social and economic imbalances, causing harm to nature since there is currently a great problem: world overpopulation.

This problem has led some countries to have to take drastic measures to reduce its population;Thus removing the hope of living for many people, the decrease in infant mortality and the constant increase of human beings, but how does global overpopulation influence the environment and society?

According to the United Nations (UN) there is a balance on what has been the growth of the population in the last fifteen years, thus having an increase of one billion people, it also shows us that China is the most populous country in the world. This situation day by day is increasing and worsening since we also cause harm to our mother nature.

There are consequences such as pollution, overexploitation of the resources provided by our planet since we observe the increase in cars, more industries and many organizations that only seek ways to increase their economic interests;Thus causing global warming, this being the culprit that many species are in danger of extinction, destruction of ecosystems, deterioration of the ozone layer and we do not realize the great damage we cause to our nature.

This situation affects less developed countries more than the great powers of the world such as Japan that science and technology has at a very advanced level can defend themselves from a catastrophe caused by nature because man has not been very generous withShe, giving rise to people who live in undeveloped countries, seek the manner or residence of a better future and this causes population distribution not to be homogeneous.

Finally, overpopulation is a situation that causes us all problems, we have to take conservation measures now that we are on time one of them can be to put our land in the first place and not money, also informing women of Tempera AgeTo be aware of this problem that is lived in the world, so that they take care of themselves and thus avoid taking life to an innocent baby. To avoid destroying our planet, before she ends up destroying ourselves.

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