The Problem Of Deceiving Plagiarism

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The problem of deceiving plagiarism


Plagiarism has increased at the present time and in turn the detection of it we can currentknow a great inconvenience in the people who belong to the San Vicente Parish of the Las Lajas Province of Gold Canton. On the other hand where they are guided more to make a copy and stick without being read with understanding.

Through a survey conducted to the San Vicente parish, it was obtained as a conclusion that 7 of 10 people have plagiarized throughout their student life. According to the Spanish Royal Academic Dictionary of Language, Plagiar, from the Latin of Plagiare, it is defined in its first acceptance. As if it were your own work.


From Christ there was literary plagiarism although it was not considered a crime, in example of this it is a poem by Publio Virgilio Marón, also in the first century the poet Valerio Marcial denounced Fidentino of copying his epigrams in which Fidentino said they were his.

Plagiarism after Christ was considered as theft, it was also known as plagiar.


At the time of now, humanity has an advanced technology which is a great source of information that students can use to enrich their knowledge and achieve the ease for them to do their work as well as this facility shore to students.bother to make your own conclusions and make the decision to copy ideas, jobs, essays, a foreign thesis and make it pass as to that act is known as plagiarism.

The Spanish language of the Royal Spanish Academy defines plagiarism as the action of “copying in the substantial works of others, giving them as its own” although plagiarnew contributions to the subject for those who are practicing it.

The ignorance of plagiarism, from its conception and definition to its most complex forms, cannot be a valid excuse so that, in addition to preventing it, it is not controlled.  It is necessary to control and avoid as much as possible the plagiarism since otherwise there will be no more innovation, new ideas, contributions to a topic.

Sociology does not reject or denies the fact that to achieve innovation it is necessary – although not sufficient – the tenacity, lucidity and inventiveness of a group of people who are in socially suitable positions for the manipulation of ideas. 

The ethical writing of a research work must be conceived not only with a deep knowledge of the topic on which it is going to be written, but also with an update of the work already published on said matter.

Plagiarism can be performed:

  • Unconscious.- That the student performs the plagiarism without knowing what he is doing, this can happen if the student is totally unknown to the subject.
  • Intentional.- The student may know on the subject but ignore the consequences that he can bring.


Types of plagiarism


The self-plagiar is given when an author copy again a work that he had previously done or uses the same ideas presented in that work but with different words to make it look different. (Passano, 2019)

If this type of plagiarism is seen from the author’s point of view, it causes a certain controversy since they are the same ideas of an author whose copyright belongs to it.

The author mentions that it cannot be considered as plagiarism if he performs a second work and returns to use the same ideas I mention in his first work.

Whose idea is wrong since if an author does a second work with the same ideas as in the first

In summary, the self-plagiar does qualify as a crime that can be punishable as it economically affects the first co-contracting in violating the guarantee granted to this on its work by introducing another very similar work to which it will have to compete, andIn the same way it affects the second co-contracting in making the originality of the work question and in this way the reputation of this second entity or person is affected. (Passano, 2019)

False authoria

This type of plagiar. This includes for example to pay or hire someone to write an article and then include your name as the author of this. (Passano, 2019)

In this type, the name of friends who did not contribute to the investigation can also be considered, in the same way, add a name in order to take out any benefit.

Regardless of the situation, people who have made a substantial contribution in the realization of the article should be included as an author or co-author. (Passano, 2019)

Double shipping

It occurs when sending the same article to two different conferences or magazines, either to try to have a greater probability of acceptance of the article or for other reasons. (Passano, 2019)

Theft of material

This is one of the most severe acts of plagiarism and occurs when copying without material authorization belonging to another person. (Passano, 2019)

This type of plagiarism can occur when you take the lyrics of a music, plans, painting, all this without authorization from the author.

Full plagiarism

This is the most common way that students do when committing plagiarThe general occurs when students have to carry out some research and prefer only copy and paste information instead of contributing new ideas.

Mosaic plagiarism

It is copying information from different sources and joining them causing all these ideas to fit this without seeing cited delivering the investigation to appear to see created a new.

Even if it is not intended to copy the source, the student could incur this type of plagiar. (Marcos Bote, 2013)

Inappropriate paraphrase

At the time of paraphrasing necessary to ensure doing it well, that is, it is not enough to change certain words with synonyms to remove certain parts of the text this is considered plagiarism.

In order to avoid inappropriate paraphrase it is necessary that not only certain things of the original text are changed. Instead, the idea of the source in its own words should be completely redoled. If the language used is very similar to the original, plagiarism is being committed, even if the source is cited. (Marcos Bote, 2013)

When there are different types of plagiarism, this allows to control in a certain way that it is avoided copying the work of an author and makes it happen as their own without being true.

Among the mechanisms to combat the acts of dishonest, academic institutions implement a series of mechanisms such as academic integrity politicians, ethical regulations, codes of conduct, academic manuals, among others. All mechanisms aim to sanction infractions, as is the case with plagiarism, whose consequences can range from a low note or suspension to the loss of the title or degree obtained.

There are several ways to avoid plagiarism so that students do not make the mistake of making it since it not only affects the author but also to those who commit plagiarImagination whose act would positively contribute to ideas in the face of an issue opening the way to innovation.

In everyday life, several types of plagiarism are also committed at work either to gain reputation, or to achieve some ascent this leads to several dishonest acts from defamation to documentation theft, the human being in their survival acts will always seekThe benefit for him and not always in the best way that is why plagiarism will always exist in our social environment.

Among the forms that exist to avoid plagiarism can be mentioned:

  •  It is necessary to make sure that it has been cited well.
  •  Correct paraphrase
  •  Get the information from the original source
  •  Quote all authors
  •  Avoid copying texts excessively

Digital media are a good instrument to find cases of plagiarism of publications. There are programs for this purpose that allow detecting the percentage of copy of a manuscript, which also represents a useful tool for editors and text reviewers based on detecting or preventing that improper type of practices. (Ramirez Bacca & Jimenez Patiño, 2016)

Although the advance of technology has allowed the facilitation to control the plagiar.

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