The Problem Of Child And Youth Abuse

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The problem of child and youth abuse


The objective of this research is Abandonment, therefore these victims of child abuse have to violate their right and not only occur in their homes but also in their schools, therefore we make references that there are high consequences and the children who are being victims of Maltrate, for its isolation, for having bruises, fractures, burns, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, blood traces in their intimate clothing, reduction of school performance, fear of society, attempts to flee from home and even attempts Suicide, we will also address how to prevent child abuse, promote protection and guarantee the rights covered by our constitution of Ecuador, the OBJ Ethical of the investigation is: to relate child and youth abuse in educational schools, especially when the initial preparation stage begins from the 4 years.


On an international level

The World Health Organization (WHO), indicates that there is a high figure of 40 million children suffering from violence in the world in the region of the Americas and the Caribbean and identifies that there are different types of abuse of minors and these areAmong the ages of 2 to 7 years are subject to corporal punishments, it is also evidence9 Incapacitated, 71 children of serious injury and a high index of psychological abuse.

International studies reveal that a part of all adults state that when they were little to have suffered, physical abuse 1 in 5 women and 1 in 13 men have suffered sexual abuse.

Studies on child abuse emphasizes that there may be different variants such as abuse, physical, psychological, sexual abuse, negligent abandonment and treatment and labor exploitation, all of them lead to children in society from feeling depressed, with fear, withLow academic performance and in all their activities they do, that is, it is easy to identify or detect a child who is suffering from child abuse, either from inside his home or externally in the places that the minor attends.

Experts indicate that most people who mistreat children and young people are because they come from a low -poverty society and high poverty there are also people with mental problems that their goal is to commit different types of crimes such as abuses such as abusesexual, it should be noted that children who are mistreated require professionals who are trained for the treatment of this type of effects.  

At the national level

There are approximately 2019 in a survey conducted by UNICEL, at the national level 47% of parents who still hit their children with the purpose of disciplining them and is that it is concluded that bathing children with cold water or punishing themWith whips they are not adequate measures or therefore discipline, in addition to these there are psychological physical abuse, of sexual abuse both in educational schools by teachers, as in their homes and that is that at the beginning of 2020 the child abuse of children has increased, and they are at risk of experience in the coming months due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, since these are helpless and do not have many times how to ask other people for help because they are confinement in their homes.

It is for these risks that children and adolescents have that in 2003 was created in the Childhood and Adolescement Code Chapter IV the right to protection of children in their article not.50 that states the following.

Art. fifty.- "Personal integrity right.- Children and adolescents have the right to respect their personal, physical, psychological, cultural, affective and sexual integrity. They cannot be subjected to torture, cruel and degrading treatment ”. 

In order to guarantee the rights and protection of child abuse and try to reduce violence.

At the territorial level, we approach the province of Manabí

In December 2019, according to the agreement with data granted by the Ministry of Government, which are part of the report of the last quarter of 2019, in Manabí there is (11%) of children’s and youth abuse, it should be noted that the figures in recent yearsThey are increasing.

The author Jenny Zamora Ruiz refers in her article of the Technical University of Manabí to the defisVictims of femicide, there are different causes such as lack of communication, alcoholism drug addiction, ignorance of social networks and low levels of instruction in education is because of these factors that their influence have negative aspects and the objective is to try to avoid themFor the reduction of child abuse. 

Materials and methods

In the territorial population it is evident that there are more than 11 % of children and adolescents who suffer from abuse or violence both within their homes and outside them, it is also evident that there are abuses in educational schools and these often do notThe competent authorities are denounced before, that is, the reported cases are low.

The variables considered in child abuse focus on people who are alcoholic, drug addicts, ignorance in social networks or low levels of education in education that in some cases do not know how to read or write.

The materials used will detail them below:

Laptop or computer, Internet, Word program, books that talk about child abuse, sphero, a notebook to make a draft with the topic addressed and the Excel program for tabulation of results.


It is evident that limiting as we have already mentioned to the norms created in each country, these allow children and adolescents to feel supported by violence or any type of discrimination towards them, since current legal norms are created to support the Child abuse and therefore do not be afraid if they are being mistreated by any person, and this it was possible for judges to issue convictions in favor of people who comment on these types of crimes, affecting children, such as Example, there was the total silence, before the educational schools that teachers, abused their students or mistreat of new current norms that support and guarantee their rights and to the non -child abuse these could s Alir in light and be denounced and therefore that these people were deprived of their liberty and dismissed from said educational schools.


  • UNICEF professionals refer to the sexual abuse of the Caribbean and the different manifestations that are carried out for the decrease of these, in addition there is a high rate of sexual abuse, however, few are denounced before the competent authorities.  
  • Experts Aida Gissel Tovar, Silvia Quintero, Lenin Hernández and Mercedes Bravof organizations or communities.  
  • The teaching staff currently manifests being privileged by being able to detect child abuse, and what existed tools for their detention and also a questionnaire was made to the tutors of the Child Area which came to the conclusion that sometimes it can be detected and when it isThis is reported to the superior. 
  • Child abuse their gravity and impact refer to abuse in pairs or bully. 
  • The author refers to the remote humanity that existed before with the way of punishing children and refers to the roof in the sanctuary of education that existed.  
  • Child abuse in society tells us that the different vulneravilities of children, and young people can identify with possible neurobiological and psycholosocial mechanisms that mediate this relationship and affectation already others can be detected in the long term by the neurobiological system that make reference to stress.  
  • Child abuse emphasizes the affectation and field of the process of studying children’s resources that allow children to continue their development despite the risk, and it is considered that these children suffering from abuse must be understood in society.  
  • Frías professional refers to family violence starting from an early age and the results are negative affecting cognitive development either in their schools or society and dedicating themselves to alcoholism, drug addiction among others.  
  • Professionals refer and conclude that the psychosocial factors of child abuse in primary schools are totally unjustifiable and indicate that child abuse is not a disease as such, however through their behaviors and attitudes in themental health these can have serious consequences such as suicide, heart problems and sexually transmitted problems. 
  • The authors of the Cuban magazine emphasize their article that the results of child abuse are high to differences from other problems and that so much girls and boys suffer from this indistinctly of their sex.  
  • The professional tells us that world abuse is unusual and deplorableWorldwide.  
  • Dr. Augusto Duran considers that child abuse is inappropriate behavior or that in extreme cases they can be harmful to the minor, both physically and psychologically, which lead to the medium and long term consequences. In which which develop mental disorders, which go beyond a correction of discipline, that change and lower self – esteem, and physical injuries that due to a blow that can even end the life of the child.  



  1. Child and youth abuse affects the whole society since it is not possibleInfant that’s why we increasingly need the support of families and carrying out awareness campaigns in order to decrease.
  2. No form of violence or child abuse is justifiable, since these children are defenseless for their age and therefore need the protection of their relatives, of the Society for the positive well -being of their development, with their school compliance, to obtain positive results inAll activities that carry out.
  3. Each country must guarantee and comply with its established norms that refer to the rights that protect children and child abuse, both in the educational area and the entire society in order to comply with them.



  1. That must continue to implement measures that guarantee the well -being of children, therefore, social, family and school guidance policies, in order to prepare society as co -participants of this policy.
  2. Emphasize that no form of violence is justifiable, since that old saying "that the letter with blood enters" cannot be applied, if not apply methods and strategies that point to a quality socio -educational accompaniment and educational psychos.
  3. All countries and in our Ecuador a clear legal framework must be established and sanction those who infring it, whether in the social, family and school level.



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