The Prince Of Machiavelli, A Little About Its History

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The Prince of Machiavelli, a little about its history

The writer of this book throughout his life was interested in things such as studies of history literature and performance a public position as diplomats, this helps him try to understand how it was the situation of his people. “Men have to beat them or with the facts or with the words, or exterminate them;Because if it is possible that they come from small offenses, it is impossible for them not to do so of the big. “(Machiavelli N, fifteenth century)

This phrase means that a man is always going to seek revenge and because in a way it is understandable, since it could be said that it is like the nature of man so that we must always have good evidence to silence someone’s mouth andrealize that the one who is not doing things right is him and not you.

His thinking was that if there was a prince, the unification of Italy would be achieved, the result he wanted to achieve was for his state to be power, that he inspired confidence providing the people with whatever necessary, a clear example was to provide weapons to the army, sinceThis had a very important place in society, since they were the ones who protected the state

The main works of a prince were:

  1. Choose the captain of each position
  2. Requirements that the person who will occupy the captain’s position must have
  3. The prince must know how to find a midpoint between being loved and feared to be respected
  4. The prince must take an attitude of a pious, faithful, human, religious being in full but also when necessary he must have a strong character

This means that the prince before being loved must be feared and respected, the armies gave their security

In the previous examples we realize that this is no longer done today, the exact candidate is no longer sought for the position are now chosen by means of money or by promises that are not really going to comply with, these laws that had In those years they should be applied for everything with this a city would be achieved without crime, but it is no longer other times, but the more time passes everything gets worse and it is becoming an uncontrollable problem that you want to hide society, But of what they do not realize that while the government seeks to hide the problems they create more, since everyone focuses on something and neglect their positions, but the worst thing is that they are positions that do not correspond, now people get a Title Without being prepared this also influences that things do not become good this is getting out of a desperate way, the government is supposed to fix the problems that exist and the only thing they are achieving is to worsen the situation ion and this is due to a bad organization.

“Hate is gained with both good actions and bad. A prince to preserve power is often perverse, because of the group he judges necessary, he is corrupted, it is convenient to follow his whim to satisfy him, because good actions would be your enemies “(Machiavelli n, fifteenth century)

This makes a guy reference to my opinion, the government tries to do things right, but sometimes the one who carries it out only wants it for what he benefits and does not care if other people hurt them, because manySometimes one looks for what suits him, since it is the easiest way to get what we need, and because that is a too negative thought that we have, I think that we all do a bit of suffering, he teaches us to achieveOur goals regardless of how we are wrong, nobody is perfect for everything to go very well, this should be applied at the time of making a decision, the government should strive to achieve what had many years ago perhaps people were more repressed, but there was not as much crime as at this stage that we are living, it seems that the government is afraid to act firmly and this we have caused it with our lack of information and culture.

We have all taken this country to ruin little by little, since it is not just a person we all contribute to this damage that we are causing ourselves, we can all help is just a matter of being very clear about what we want and with that it isMore than enough to do a seal, we may believe that what we do is no use, but in reality if we are all contributing to a change in government and people.

This book left me a very big teaching because I realized that we are all forgetting what it really does well, we believe that if we are fine, everyone else will be and it is not so we have to think about everything and it is what it issame that the government has to do not only think of its pocket also to think about that of its inhabitants because thanks to us they are in that position because we believe they can make that change, that firm leadership.

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