The Present Knowledge Depends On The Past

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The present knowledge depends on the past

 With a superiorly critical and investigative mentality, the human being has found and rebuilt a variety of knowledge with what to the existence of everything we know in respect, so that over time he has developed this knowledge until they make them more accurate and reliable. So it can be said that the knowledge we currently know depends in its entirety of the past knowledge thus taking us to the next knowledge question, how do the past knowledge affect current knowledge? same that will be clear with the support of two areas of knowledge such as history and natural sciences.

Since the birth of everything we know today and what remains to be known, endless enigmas have been presented whose incidence has fallen on the shoulder of the human being, which leads to looking for and discovering what it is about, what is itsOrigin, objective and transitions. Knowledge is an essential means that is present at all times, that, in addition, it has been a source of development and progress in view of the fact that the human being has evolved feasively and the world with him, guiding himself to a tireless search for new things allowing himbring to light incredible findings that make possible the clarification of certain truths that are still among the fog of the unknown.

The past knowledge is formed by the different and numerous knowledge that encompass the beginning of an event that is essentially part of the life and existence of everything, also, understand what can be considered as the basis of everything we know todayAnd what will give us the way to reach many of the knowledge whose wait will not cease until they are found. All the knowledge that is present today and that are transmitted safely is known as current knowledge, well, to reach a knowledge there must be a key initial idea to guide it in what is about to be known. It is important to mention that without the previous (past) knowledge, we would never have reached them therefore we must consider that those are the main basis that guided us to our current knowledge.

“All our knowledge of the so -called‘ external ’world is nothing but a continuous, uninterrupted current, of acts through which what was the past becomes present. Yes, it can be said that, far from being nothing, the past is everything.”(Kolakowski, 2004)

Knowledge can vary or evolve as a new finding is found, which is why the knowledge that was only temporary was temporary. For some time the individual had in mind a knowledge that he believed accurate, however, the tireless search for the new and innovative manages to find a fact that may be for or against the knowledge of the individual, depending on this, that knowledgeIt becomes a past one and becoming one more basis to continue moving forward to the search for more answers to a thousand questions and with the aim of completing the knowledge puzzle.

To better understand what this essay wants to clarify, the areas of knowledge will be given, important sources that will guide us to a conclusion, one of these areas of knowledge is history that is a tool that allows to know andunderstand the events of the past to understand the present and provide for the future.

History is mainly based on ancient (historical) knowledge of past events that marked footprint in time and truth itself. However, several of these knowledge usually advance or improve because of the intervention of the so -called historians whose objective is to “identify, analyze and interpret facts of the past”, well, these researchers are based primarily on the knowledge already previously obtainedso that they use them to advance and get more thorough until a new finding is taken to clarity, evolving and strengthening their knowledge or in few cases, changing them completely.

The theories have always been present in this area, in addition, it had great influence on the development of the knowledge of the human being, because a theory is based on an idea, once developed, becomes a base knowledge to continue withCritical research until you reach a new discovery is a piece more than complement and strengthens the previous knowledge.

For example, there are some theories that respect the arrival of the human being to America, whose purpose is to show that the human being is from the Asian continent and that he reached the American continent through the Bering Strait. However, another theory is presented by stating that human beings were actually reached the contine. This is a clear sample that, from the first theory mentioned, the following theory was proposed since it was a research base tool.

The reason is a form of knowledge that has a great impact on the aforementioned in view of the fact that the individual will clearly think of the logic of the knowledge that became part of his life, attracting with him the different points of view in whichA person can decide what to believe or not, the most important thing is that these knowledge have the necessary justification so that they can be accepted in this way.

Another area of knowledge that is worth mentioning is natural sciences since this is a very important tool that allows us to know above all with what nature is concerned. In this area, knowledge is very varied because it is also based on research, however, there are also events that can modify or improve an old knowledge, so that the knowledge that was present at the moment is considered as the only truth, but everything comes to change when thanks to the research and intelligence mentality of individuals, new paths are found that change the direction of what we initially believed to be in one more knowledge of the past that later would no longer have the same level of certaintythat before but that from the beginning was the support to advance.

In the case of medicine, an example is presented: an adult man is diagnosed with a brain tumor and according to this review he would have 6 months of life, however, the man requested a second medical opinion, whose results were a small benign tumor thatrequired an operation, results that returned hope. A clear demonstration that indeed what we know can change, initially it was only known that man had terminal cancer, but later, it is demonstrated that it was not a truth, rather, his current knowledge is that it is a tumor that would not cometo cause damage with just one operation, a knowledge that was linked to a past one.

The truths are temporary, since with a new finding you can change the course of what was initially unique and accurate. A very relevant aspect that helps the human being expand their knowledge and generate a wave of desires to investigate and find a new angle, a new point where you can be certain that it is true and beneficiary.

In conclusion, it can be affirmed that current knowledge effectively depends on past knowledge in view that if we did not have the second, nothing could advance because this knowledge is the fundamental basis in the search and evolution of several findings, in addition, they are theThey are the main point by which the individual can leave to continue with his search in order to expand in knowledge, complement and improve them so that once reached they can be shared to society which later takes them as new knowledge. 

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