The Presence Of Drones

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The presence of drones


An investigation showed that before the impact, the drone was on an uncontrolled flight, so the Prosecutor’s Office did not present charges against the pilot. However, the incident uncovered a safety problem in the White House. The drone passed all the White House radars designed to detect traditional aircraft and missiles and the problem is that their intentions could have been much less innocent. In December 2018, the drones paralyzed Gatwick Airport in London. 

The airplanes were paralyzed for more than a day due to the complaints of drones flying over the aviation field, which mysteriously appeared when the airport tried to recover the activity. The incident affected 140000 passengers and caused the cancellation of about a thousand flights. The culprits were never found, so it was speculated that they did not even exist. The complaints came from the witnesses, but Gatwick’s security systems, as in the case of the White House, did not detect anything. 


To investigate the incident, the police deployed their own drones, which could have caused more complaints of sighting. According to the newspaper El Pais, by Javier Barroso, Madris on July 4, 2019 reports that very expensive can go to the pilot of a drone the fact that he has flown his aircraft in the vicinity of the Madrid-Barajas Airport Adolfo Suárez, aarea especially prohibited for these unmanned aircraft. The Civil Guard has located him and denounced him in recent days after verifying that there were unauthorized flights next to the airfield. 

Similar facts caused last December to suspend operations several times at the Gatwick London airport, in fear that drones hit the airplanes and an accident occurred.

Terrorist threats

Propaganda: They have recorded offensive actions coordinated by their militiamen, as well as the actions carried out by suicidal combatants to use them as propaganda, spreading them among their followers through social networks. With this, they intend to demonstrate their technical abilities for combat, achieving an effect called to recruit new combatants, while increasing fear among their opponents. Recognition of the terrain prior to an attack: in August 2014, for example, the DAESH used a drone to carry out surveillance and observation about the Tabqa military airport in Syria, before planning the assault.

Command and control: They provide real -time information to ISIS military controls on the advances of their troops on the ground. In the assault on the Baji refinery (IRAQ) in 2016, for example, military controls could direct operations from an operating room in the rear, receiving live graphic information about the situation on the battlefield. Suicidal cars guided: During Mosul’s taking. They transmitted instructions via radio or mobile phone on the appropriate route to the target, allowing suicidal vehicles to avoid cut or traffic and barricades.

Launch of small explosive loads on groups of people, vehicles, etc. In the peak of the use of drones by the Daesh, in 2017, a Mosul doctor estimated that, in February of that year, 10 daily patients with wounds caused by ammunition launched from drones. However, in the middle of that year, with the loss of territory in Syria, the number of attacks and victims decreased considerably. The psychological impact of these actions exceeds human and material damage achieved.

On August 31, two drones loaded with explosives attacked a media headquarters of Hezbollah in full Chií fief, south of the Lebanese capital. Only one of the devices came to explode causing material damage to the property, but causing a unified response by the Lebanese government that held Israel responsible for aggression. Attacks in swarms: There are control programs that allow several drones to operate simultaneously, to launch them in waves on the same objective. In January 2018, for example, there was an attack with 13 drones on the Russian air base of Hmeymin and the logistics support position of the Russian fleet in Tartus (Syria).

DIRECT ATTACK: The drone collides directly with the objective, the damages produced will depend on the type of explosive/armament used, the speed of the impact and the protection of the white. One of the concerns is the use of drones to tear down aircraft: it is enough to direct it to the turbine of a plane to cause serious damage that, in certain circumstances, could cause its fall.

The use of drones by firefighters

In the same way that in the case of the police, more and more firefighters are used in their operations. These are some of their potential uses: they offer advanced command positions (PMA) a panoramic view of the terrain and help them specify where the fire will extend. In addition, drones with thermal cameras facilitate the identification of the hottest points in order to act on that area and prevent their collapse. In this sense, firefighters can make decisions more agile.

In short, increasing the possibilities of managing more efficiently, especially in incidents related to fire in which the anticipation is essential, the use of drones in these cases of search and rescue is very similar to the one already described for the police. Prevention against incidents of dangerous subjects, to act in incidents of biological, chemical and nuclear threats, can be much less risk if the first step is carried out through drones instead of people. In addition to any performance can be faster.

The measurement of dangerous material and the recognition of the area can be performed entirely with these devices. Natural fire and catastrophes research, these drones allow mapa. Thus the Civil Guard of Cantabria has acquired a state -of -the -art drone to fight fires. The chief of the Executive has commented that he stands out for his potentialities and capacities when fighting ecological crimes, detection of illegal plantations or search of people and allows the work of thousands of people to be carried out when fires are produced.

The use of drones by emergency services

More and more emergency services are used in their operations. According to DJI Enterprise, a world leading company in civil drones: between 2015-2018, the number of emergency services used by drones has grown 514.8% worldwide. Using drones in emergency situations is 12 times more profitable than using conventional helicopters and manned aircraft. In addition, if emergency services use drones, their response is 87% faster. As collected by the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Civil Sector of Drones in Spain. 

One of the great potential of these devices in emergency services is’ their great maneuverability and transport capacity, which will make these platforms ideal systems to assist specialists during the provision of emergency and rescue services, thus reducing theRisk for professionals who provide them ‘drones are able to help emergency services to better help victims, make better decisions and, consequently, allow a better service to citizens while keeping more safeTo professionals who participate in each incident.

These are the four main utilities of drones for emergency services: have an aerial view of an incident: providing very valuable information for the advanced command post (PMA) and the units deployed on land. Videos in real time, the fact that the videos captured by a drone can be seen in real time, is very useful both by the operator, for the advanced command post (PMA), and even by the center 112, since it can optimizesending the resources that are really needed and making decisions at the time without a communication by the staff.

Use of the thermal/infrared chamber, this functionality can be synonymous with saving a life, since with such a drone a person trapped in the middle of a mass of snow or water by means of a heat sample, and evenYou can detect any person in the middle of the night or with a total darkness. Ability to transport/release objects, there are incidents in which an injured or in danger precise that a drone will let one or several objects fall (such as a life jacket, a thermal blanket, a mobile phone, etc.). 

However, this is a limited possibility, since current regulations are an impediment. (This new system places Ghana, a country of 29 million inhabitants located in the Gulf of Guinea, such as the first in the world to display the largest drug shipping network through remote control flights, warns Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Aare, General DirectorGhana’s health service.

Use of drones by the police

More and more security forces and bodies use drones for different purposes. These are some examples: surveillance and control of large concentrations of mass: sporting events, concerts, festivals, demonstrations. This type of concentrations can end in riots, so having drones with sensors capable of detecting anomalies in agglomerations of people and equipped with high -definition cameras is a great advantage to follow up people with or without facial recognition.

Forensic analysis, investigations or eye inspections: in cases of rail accidents, airplanes, maritime, traffic, drones can provide an aerial vision of inaccessible places with the addition that the place of the facts is minimized as much as possible. Special operations, drones are also a great ally in special anti -terrorist operations, against drug trafficking, kidnappings, etc. since they avoid unnecessarily exposing the lives of police or military, contributing to make better decisions in the tactical and operational level.

Search and rescue: The use of drones for these cases is also very helpful, especially if the drone has a thermal chamber to detect heat sources and/or with cameras with a lot of zoom and flashlight to obtain detailed information from the area of the area ofTracking, as well as speaker and microphone to communicate with the victims. For example, in the case of Julen, before it was known that the child fell to a well in Malaga (Spain), the Civil Guard displayed a drone on the child’s search operation. Among other security tasks that can be assumed by drones.

are the interception of unmanned aircraft that involve a threat and control of a delimited airspace to detect incursions not allowed. Another use of drones is seen in Colombia where the authorities use these herbicide -loaded devices to destroy plants that produce cocaine cartels. The Local Police of Valencia already has a drone unit and according to Aaron Cano, Councilor for Citizen Protection of the City of Valencia “has a multitude of emergencies that we are still exploring, from the rescue of people at sea, fires and hasA night vision chamber "

Use of drones by private security

Private security personnel, by working almost always in private enclosures, with current regulations could make a greater use of this technology, although it has not yet been completely incorporated into their usual means. These are just some examples of use: automated perimeter surveillance: like any video surveillance system, but with much less cost and more efficiency, drones equipped with camera can make perimeter control of large extensions of land and without blind spots, especiallyIf several devices participate in the task at the same time.

Directed surveillance: Drones can be the eyes of any remote security guard that needs to review large areas of land, go to an incident, track or do any type of remote verification.Transport of objects, goods or funds: although the regulations are not even allowed, DRON technology will largely reduce transport costs.


Like the escorts, drone technology will complement other security measures, accompanying VIP from the air to have a better vision of the perimeter or the area. Also, in the future there will be drones that will need to be escorted and protected by the simple fact of transporting people or value goods. This task can be performed by escort drones that will detect and avoid any interception or attack on drone to protect.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the use of drones can have multiple benefits and serve as a guide when different situations are presented, everything depends on how the human being grants proper use, we can rescue that drones have come to facilitate us fromSome way or another certain rescue tasks that become almost impossible without the help of a third party, this is because drone can provide speed and images and contribute what a human in some way or another in a risk or danger situationIt cannot use.

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