The Practice Of Behavioral Values In Society

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The practice of behavioral values in society


In this present essay, the issues about the practice of the values that are the rules of behavior and attitudes are discussed, according to which we can behave and choose the correct option as the incorrect one, this makes the acquisition of good values depend on the norms, knowledge and skills. It is remembered that human conscience cannot exist without values.

We can say that values are a kind of reason for the well -being of all humanity and transcend from the inheritance of cultural, philosophical and social and that define the pillars of friendly international relations.

Also in this essay it is stated that the values over time have become bad versions, since society is in a deterioration.

But as our goal of being a good son of God is that the non -practical of values is over, because we must show the example before the rulers, the family and teach others who do not know them yet.

Thanks to this we can define the 8 general objectives of the values and the way in which we can be children of God remembering what he taught us one day.

My conclusions deal with how the non -practical of values can seem and how the commitment to practice values fight different paths. I also see that people are not born being bad or good because they still do not know the norms that govern families or the societies themselves, but they need the guide so that their ethical conscience is developing and this highlights the importance of values and beingGood son of God, since in his love we place our lives.

Finally an Elvis Presley phrase about values: “Your values are like fingerprints. Those of no person are the same, but you leave them on everything you do ”.


Although the values begin to form from an early age and who gives its own meaning, it is a proposal that we ourselves have the option of deciding between good and evil, each person determines how to act in the different situations that this wonderful life presents us.

It is you who has the opportunity to decide the attitude towards people, responsibilities and difficulties.

We must recognize their meanings because these allow us to regulate our behavior for welfare and harmonious coexistence.

But the practice of values requires convictions and this depends on your decision, we all know that well -made work backed by the values is higher than what is only done to comply with an order.

It also takes a human intelligent conscience that applying its intelligence power will consider the valuable in each case, this means that if there are no human values without conscience.

It is important to recognize our actions in accordance with your principles that are the norms that guide the action of the human being, these are general and combined norms of spiritual faculties (respecting people’s lives, not lying or loving others).

For Kasper Malinowski (founder of British social anthropology), culture consists of: "The mass of goods and instruments, as well as customs and bodily or mental habits that work, directly or indirectly to meet human needs". In everyday life and culture, customs, traditions, norms, knowledge, skills and values that print a mark are internalized.

The basic values are fundamental to the well -being of all humanity, these values transcend from the cultural, philosophical and social inheritance of humanity that builds the pillars of friendly international relations.

The values consists of the structures of consciences and gives meaning to life in their different aspects, qualities can be added so that a plane can be determined that around us we realize that the values are not used in our daily life,which leads us to currently being lost.

Honesty, sincerity and solidarity that were seen in distant times have become in dishonesty, hypocrisy and selfishness, it is that a crisis of values explains the deterioration of society.

Our goal as the Son of God is that there is no practical of values, since the application of these must be an example for our rulers, to our beloved family and in a certain way they must be taught to others who do not know them.

Thanks to this we can define the general objective of the values that are:

  • They help the human being grow more as an individual within a society.
  • Our life on earth gives greater responsibility and logic.
  • They announce the other people around us, who we really are.
  • They help face various difficult situations in our life.
  • God gives us the freedom to choose if we want to implement them in our being or not, so that it does not lead to making decisions.
  • They do not allow us to participate in acts of evil, on the contrary it leads us to be better people every day.
  • They teach us to value everything that surrounds us including the family, environment, leads us to value with what we have in our lives.
  • They allow us to be examples for other people of overcoming.

And the way in which we can be better children of God is practicing these values and remember what God the Almighty Father taught us:

  • Love = Loving our family, friends, colleagues and above all who created us for his work and grace, loves everyone equally with the goal we are treated as brothers. When there is love there is tolerance, forgiveness and harmony.
  • Honesty = It has to do with decency and honesty. Being honest is always going with the truth ahead, in your relationships, thoughts and acts. We must not harm, lie, pretend to get something, we must prioritize the work rightly over any benefit we could obtain. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation you are going through, things should be achieved honestly.
  • Authenticity = people are not perfect, we have failures and virtues, we can be happy with our victories and failures, the best thing about our nature is how different we are from each other, we must show ourselves as we are because God sees our heart.
  • Leadership = We all have the ability to be leaders of our life if we follow God’s teachings and positively influence our environment. Puts others in our lives that teach us so that one day we are those others for someone else.
  • Faith and courage = with God everything is possible and, if we take risks in our lives, we must be brave to assume and have faith that everything will result in our favor. Let’s trust God to help us do great things and it is our task to have the courage to say "on your knees, standing before the world".
  • Respect = It is the basis of every society, it makes us accept our own value and the rights of the rest, it is necessary to be at peace with us and live in peace with the people around us.
  • Thanks = knowing how to appreciate what we once had, we have and what in some future we will have, it opens the doors to enjoy. Every complaint is a lost moment, it is better to use that time to sit down to think about good things because even in the dark you can see the stars.


One of the causes that the non -practice of values are abroad has origin in the family, it is like a cell of the body, when it is attacked by a virus, it gets sick and suffers until it dies, today there is evil, there is evil,Commitment is required, since it is from families as the response is given to the challenges of the present by practicing values and fighting the different paths of the future.

At birth, children are neither good nor bad, they don’t know the rules governing families or societies. His ethical conscience is developing over the same years, but he needs help to differentiate the right or incorrect, what is right or what is wrong. That is why it is important to teach the values and importance of how to be a good son of God because in his hands we place our concerns, and problems. In his wisdom we place our path, addresses and our goals. In your love we place our lives.                        

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