The Power Of Women To Face Stereotypes

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The power of women to face stereotypes


During the course of history and literature, the role of women has been reflected in countless literary works. The woman and her stereotypes have inspired many. The role of the woman Federico García Lorca develops in Yerma is very clear and important. Based on the patriarchal structures of Spanish society, Lorca shows women as a character controlled and defined by social and male standards. Similarly, sexuality is presented as a reproductive instrument and not as a carnal exploration and satisfaction. 


Finally, the role of female honor is very noticeable in the development of history. The woman has been considered as a simple instrument and/or possession that guarantees the well -being of men and families. Not only in Spain, but throughout the world;The woman has been married to ensure the economic position or to obtain some political and social benefit. In Yerma, the woman represents that in the role of Yerma and the girl. The woman does not get married for pleasure, but for duty. 

During history we see how women represent a benefit for parents, their families, and the nation. Yerma does not have the freedom or confidence to reject the father’s decision to be married to her current husband. On the contrary, Yerma marries, does not argue and remains silent. "My husband is something else. I gave it my father and I accepted it ”(García Lorca). An important point that can be noticed within the personality of Yerma is the role of submission and silence that serves within the family and social nucleus. During the course of history, we realize that Yerma really does not discuss.

Because her parents married her with her husband, and she doesn’t have the courage to rebel against her parents’ decision. This is an attitude of the Spanish woman throughout history. Submission and fragility is an attitude that is expected of women and is well seen within Spanish culture. Otherwise, the girl’s role is a completely different. The girl represents the rebellion that the modern woman experienced. Also, this character reflects the internal voice of women and the desire to forge their own destiny. 


The one that the woman left her home, walked alone (without the company of the husband), or who chat with a man who was not a member of her family was very criticized. The girl represents that rebel woman who breaks with the rules and customs imposed and follows her heart and personal convictions despite "what will they say?". The girl also represents the woman who does not agree with the duties that have been awarded to women within society. For example, during the conversation he has with Yerma;She expresses that she did not like to do her home and that she preferred to be out of her and be free.

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