The Power Of Love And Animal Communication

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Confinement has marked the welfare of the individual is social, political, economic, or personal, as well as their pro has their against, people have to feel the need for power called, interaction which is essential to have good mental health, since human beings have to know that without that it would be difficult to build a participatory conscience. We see that society is going through many problems, companies, business and others are having an unfortunate decline in terms of the pandemic situation, so they cannot generate income from this same health problem.


Animals are beings that have a great spirit of patience, this helps us not to feel alone, which are always willing to receive us with greeting by moving the tail from one side to another, based on different studies is true that most people, Children in this aspect evolve and have less risk of suffering some type of allergy or situation of pollution by disease, since attachment to these four -legged friends, whether cats or dogs will always be positive for good mental health.

The company of an animal, if it improves the type of life of every person, also helps the subject live for many more years and have a physical balance, also reduces to a large percentage the stress which is the first type of consequence thewhich kills people lately, leading them to suffer heart attacks, cancer and other types of diseases and reduces the mass depression index in some more cases to adults who feel in an extreme solitude, for that children also learn a lot of responsibilitiesAnd they learn to take care of these animals, animals also develop an emotional pattern of caring for the child or promoting a feeling of security for their human friend.

The different foundations have carried out studies to help anxious people the therapies are fundamental in the home are alternative measures to this pandemic, concentration relaxation exercises that help people who go through these moments of stress problems can be practiced, also thePromote the affective link between the animal and the subject to continue improving with the therapies. Carrying and helping the human being to feel in a confidence and have a good relationship with his pet.


Domestic animals dogs are which are cats and are more aware than most of other species, they respond to the sentimental stimulus that some other species do not, since if they allow them to be given love and also shows it for that, humans wantA lot to these little animals, caring for these little animals is essential, since they are loyal and calm although some people mistreat them, through this report I want to reach the consciousness of the people who read it, values to their pets because one daysomething happens are the ones who stay until the end. 

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