The Power Of Greed

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The power of greed


The power of greed leads people to desire more power and more wealth, and thus assess the material above the moral. Greed, or wanting everything for oneself, has been playing a leading role in societies from the beginning of humanity, thus represented by works such as the Plauto and Avaro de Moliere pot to modern movies such as the price of greed;This eagerness is greatly reflected in family, work and political areas in the day to day of a community.


The family, as the first social sphere of the human being, is the cell that has the duty to teach basic values and principles. Since this is the root of life notions, a bad example in family life can cause two results: this bad habit in children can be instilled or the opposite can happen totally. Greed can be related to both of these results. 

For example, a father or mother who personifies greed in the family will be able to not provide the necessary assets to their children, how enough food or a high -level education in order to save money. As a consequence there will be a possibility that their children learn from this antivalor and normalize it, causing greed to develop and become part of their way of living and interacting to those who surround them, possibly losing loved beings by the same greed. 

On the other hand, the scenario can also happen in which children grow up to their father, mother, or both wishing to become an Avara person, since their experience with greed left a strong mark in their lives;letting this desire break the family bond between parents and children. Another family bond that greed has the power to break is that of the brothers, through patrimonial fights. These types of conflicts are normally caused by the unfair distribution of inheritances or in other cases due to problems in a shared company. 

The greed in the family sphere is represented in the work of the Plauto’s pot, so in which Euclion, the greed, stops paying attention to those around him leaving him without realizing that his daughter has been pregnant with 9 months. In the same way, greed is found in families of today. A true example of greed and family greed is that of the Mubarak family, who are now paying for the greed of their father, hosni mubarak and son Gamal Mubarak. Hosni Mubarak was an Egyptian soldier then appointed hero of the War against Israeli threat. He then became Rais of Egypt, which fed its importance and thus their power before people. 

Through the years, its wealth grew to such a level that this same power began to corrupt it.  After participating in illegal programs and transactions in order to earn more money, Mubarak was imprisoned and his nuclear family has been fleeing from prison. It is estimated that the Mubarak family is at least 40.000 million euros, although the true sum will never be known. How is it represented in this case, greed and greed bring its consequences undoubtedly which ones have the power to finish breaking love and respect for the most beloved beings. By instilling greed at home, this is reflected in the other areas of everyday life, as at work. At work, greed is manifested in workers from very high positions to those who have low positions. 

The most common scenario, since it is the one that is mostly represented in films or social networks is the greed of the general manager with his own company, which can be clearly seen in the exploitation of employees. The exploitation of employees is the term used for when the agreement between the employee and the entrepreneur is broken, either by a change without authority in the proposed salary conditions or the schedule to work. The reason for a greed to do these things is either to save part of the employee’s salary for it, or not to have to hire another person to fill a necessary turn. 

The businessman Avaro is also guilty of putting money savings above the integrity and well -being of others. This can occur in the employer’s abstention to pay medical or social insurance to their employees, thus creating an environment without security. These actions come from greed, since the businessman Avaro is inconsiderate and sees others as an obstacle to the same to accumulate all possible wealth, or for a possible promotion. Greed in the field of work is very common in many companies and companies, one of those being the case of Turing Pharmaceuticals. 

This American pharmaceutical. Martin was in charge of distributing medicine, and since no one else had a pin to cure infections such as toxoplasmosis or to treat patients with HIV decided to raise the price to the pill when it reached its power. Shkreli shows greed because he decides to put the money and his earnings above the lives of patients who need this medicine. In the case of Shkreli, the ambition to earn and earn money cause. Greed has a strong relationship with politics, since excess power without control can lead to the corruption of an individual, as happened in the case of the Mubarak family. 

Contrary to the other effects in family and work areas, political greed causes a strong impact on the economy of a country and/or its development, thus affecting all citizens on a personal level. Corruption, one of the most common forms of political greed, has been registered in 176 countries to date. But what is corruption? This is defined as non -compliance intentionally to the principle of impartiality with the purpose of extracting from this type of behavior a personal benefit or for related people (what is corruption?). In other words, corruption is the act of intentionally intervene in private transactions in order to achieve an advantage or a benefit for itself in a secret or illegal way, this time the intervention is carried out by people with public power and is carried outto the country’s financial or social statement. 

Venezuela, for example, has been the victim of corruption since 1999 when Mao-Chavez Frias implemented socialism, convincing the country with promises of social and financial development. On the contrary, Venezuela’s economy began to get worse while those of the government caressed the intent and dollar with the same lust that is felt by stroking the naked skin of a sensual woman (the greed of the uncultured). This description demonstrates the extremism of the greed and selfish. 

Similarly, a money is able to do anything in order to get to the maximum power or to the maximum wealth. This ambition to exceed others indifferently for the wrong reasons is common in cases where the throne or a hereditary position is at stake, for example when an heir to the throne does his best to become king regardless of morality, andUltimately leads to the murder of your own family. To name a case, in Egypt, during the reign of the 18I would receive. It is noteworthy that greed has accompanied man since the birth of humanity, since the case of Pharaoh Akenatón in the years 1353-1336 to. C was not the first or the last of this type. 


Greed is a learned habit that persecutes a person with the absence of morality causing an insatiable desire towards riches and material things;This habit then has consequences in the family, work and politician. The Avara person seeks happiness in what cannot be given, so leaving an abyss in his heart and life. The reality is that they spend their lives trying to fill that abyss, without realizing everything that life already gives them to find that happiness. 

Those moments and friendships, no matter how simple they are, with family, at work and in everyday life are those that fill humans, not having more money or having the newest;Well there will always be someone who has more, and someone who has something better. After all, when he dies, everything material will remain among the living and everything that cannot be seen, as memories and everything that made us smile and grow as a person, goes with our soul.

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