The Power Of Democracy

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The theory of participatory democracy that bets on the inclusion of forms of direct democracy within representative democracy imply a way of democratic innovation that can provide alternatives to improve the redistribution of power. The social sciences have addressed from different theoretical currents and through numerous debates the concept of power, so we can find the defined power of different forms and perspectives. 


Within the framework of this work it is not intended to analyze the multiple interpretations of the concept of power, so I will focus on explaining it very briefly, giving myself to empowerment theories and power relations that are those that frame this research. Some definitions are framed within a current that describes power as of sum 0, that is, so that a person has another person to lose it. In this group, different definitions focused on the ability of a person or a group are framed to ensure that another person or group does something against their will. 

It is a traditional way of interpreting it, based on the theories of Max Weber that in his work economy and society, defines power as the probability of imposing one’s will, within a social relationship, even against resistance and whatever The foundation of that probability. Weber argues that power can be found in various ways in societies, and in that sense he develops the concept of domination, describing it as a more precise and specialized form of power based on consent. 

Domination may have a basis in customs, in the charism of who exercises power or legitimacy that we attribute to the system that regulates the exercise of power. The power we will therefore find it present in every social relationship. Other more positive definitions describe the term power to, assuming that power can also be a key to understanding the transformation of pre -established relationships, and can be linked to freedom. The power for the ability of an actor to act, to achieve some result in his interest. 


By contrast to power over, it is a positive or variable sum: it can be generated without reducing the power of other actors. According to this approach, it is considered that the individual has an active role and can act in any development program thanks to his critical attitude. This notion implies breaking with the idea that the individual is a passive being to become a legitimate actor of development.

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