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On September 15, 40 years of the death of one of those musicians that we will have heard, a forgotten genius who has gone into the history of music without the recognition that deserves. He is the great Bill Evans. Bill Evans was one of the so -called cursed musicians, that the fueros taken too soon. They still had a lot of talent to develop, a lot to create and many pages to write. 

The drugs, that devil dressed as muse, which has taken us so many stars, were the cause of his death, but we are not going to stay with what could be and it was not. In this case, despite his premature death, Bill Evans left us great creations that not many people know. The great jazz fans have it in the Olympus of the Greats, along with thousands Davis, Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie, and a few more. 


A piano genius, those artists who change the course of a music style or, why not say it, of music in general. It was undoubtedly the pianist and composer, along with Thelonious Monk or Bud Powell, more important in modern jazz. The biography, with exemplary translation of Ferrán Esteve that we review in the bibliography, shows all the pianist universes, which end in that darkness linked to the suicide of their last years;Peter Pettinger remembers it: those who went to his concerts were aware that any night could be the last.

But let’s go back to his work, he participated in the best -selling jazz album of all time Kind of Blue of the great Miles Davis only the fact that Davis chose a white musician to complete his sextet was a statement of history of history. There is a blanquillo out there, he could tell the trumpeter years before inviting him to play with him. 

The album, of which this year is fulfilled the 55th anniversary of its commercialization, was the most representative record testimony of this new jazz feeling, the modal jazz, which looked sideways at cool jazz, the West Coast Jazz and other evolved forms of thelyrical music. Bill Evans’ participation in the Anthological Registry was not limited, of course, to the mere interpretation of the pian.

After abandoning the discipline of the Quintet of Miles Davis, Bill Evans recorded in 1958. The pianist’s legend grew by leaps and bounds: everyone wanted to play with him, listen to him. From that meeting today we have sublime jobs such as Waltz for Debby, then they would give us other sublime works such as Explorations, conversations with myself or the wonderful Alone and Alone.

Bill Evans recorded 82 albums, 32 of them live, and won seven of 31 Grammy Awards nominations. As the critic generated gene reads: he was the poet of jazz, who left too soon. In the library you can enjoy a lot of material from the great Bill Evans, records, videos, biographies and other sources such as: A Tribute to Bill Evans: Live at The Brewhouse;Tribute to John Coltrane: Live Under The Sky. 


The recording is from the end of 1979 at the San Cugat studios in Barcelona and was rescued years later by the jazz program between TVE friends. On the set are the three musicians, the technicians and a fortnight of guests, including one Tet Montoliú. On the white and black keys he interprets paradise, one of the greatest pianists in history: a 51 -year -old man who solves with his fingers the disaster of his hands. Bill Evans.

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