The Plague That Took Place In Athens

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The plague that took place in Athens


In the text on the plague two different explanations about the plague occurred in 430, when Athens was in his second year of war against Sparta. On the one hand, there is the explanation of Sophocles, exposed from a more literary vision, with the appearance of oracles and gods to go to the problem, where a plague is made by the poor execution of a man, in this case referring to usTo Oedipus Rey. On the other, we have an explanation related to medicine, applied to the history of the Peloponnese War. That, on the other hand, he is a historian who wrote a story about the Peloponnese war that was a confrontation between two cities, Athens and Sparta, created by the growing fear of the Spartans before Athenian imperialism, as well as for their economic power. In both cases we refer to a tragic hero, since in the case of Oedipus Rey.


Different and constant confrontations and facts are seen, in which conflicts and deaths are constantly presented. In this case, Oedipus Rey is always constantly trying to do things well, but by the gods he always ends in errors or tragedies. This leads him to the happiness be higher and better positioned, misfortune would be much worse. Meanwhile, on the other hand, in the Peloponnese war it is based on tragedy for the deaths of the people who were involved in the war and as the fate of Athens goes totally and is ruined because of the worthy events that had occurredin the past. As is also important, the plague is a fundamental issue and has two parts, on the one hand that of Oedipus Rey.

It was based on the fact that a great plague fell on the kingdom of Thebes, killing both children and the elderly in their path, seeing this, there was a board between Oedipus and the elders of the people, where the god Apollo said that the plague was going to endWhen the wrong thing that was committed years ago it was resolved. Then Tiresias appears, ensuring that Oedipus was the one who killed Layo (his father), over time Oedipus’s mother suicide to know that Oedipus was his son and he rips his eyes. In that case, he looks like Oedipus lost notion that he was his son, that he was the one who lost the notion of himself, he did not feel because he had escaped as a child of the kingdom of Thebes, and that brought its consequences. On the other hand, in the Peloponnese war, the plague, occurred in Athens and killed a great part of the population while the war happened. 

The plague, in itself, was an epidemic of fever, redness of eyes and throat that killed a third of the Athenian population, also killing Pericles, causing the city to be in the hands of weak chiefs. Thus, Athens suffered catastrophes as the defeat against the Spartans and on the other hand, democracy and most of his empire were lost. From there, Athens never became what was due to the lack of pericles directing her. As for the alignment present in the plague, we could say that it is the loss of personality or identity of a person. Therefore, we could relation to the loss of the identity of Oedipus Rey, not knowing that he has really married and lying with his own mother and that he is also the cause of the present plague. 

Not only that, but alienation goes beyond losing personality or identity, relating it to perceptions and prejudices, so beings act based on the actions and attitudes of others and do not allow them to be natural and own. When the plague appears and have the people crying out for help, Oedipus had to act based on the orders of the people, aligning to the correct actions that must be carried out. That is why, he commands to ask about the oracles that allow them to understand this reality. Once Oedipus knows that reality, he is able to understand something greater than what he already knew, expanding knowledge, being able to observe the complete panorama and I understand that without further ado, the same plague. 

As for the history of the Peloponnese war, alienation is seen when Athens was no longer the one that was before and becomes a city unable to battle. The plague ruined the people and more important, murdered the one who ruled Athens, generating that he ceases to be the winning city par excellence, since as of a third of the Athenian population died in that plague, added to those who died in thewar. In both cases, both thucidides and sophocles write from the plague seen from different points of view. Despite this, both feel the need to write about the plague, which can lead to an alienated action, since they cease to be themselves, to concentrate on the production of the narrative, they become part of those protagonists that collide witha reality.


It takes them to get out of an imaginary cave that is within a larger one. As we have seen, every text, action or explanation tends to the realization and domination of alienation, where people cease to be outside themselves to perform actions that allow fitting into an environment. Those people capable of obtaining a reality, as we saw in Darío’s video, who are able to have a greater and extensive vision, are those who escape a major cave in which they were, but in turn, they are part of aCueva Mayor, that is, despite leaving the circle of alienation, he starts again every time we face a new reality, since alienation is a constant and infinite cycle that will never end while prejudices, needs to like andappearing there are.  

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