The Pirate Attack On The Island

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The pirate attack on the island


The oars touched the water with the softness of the silk and yet the chalupas moved quickly. The full moon conveniently covered by dense clouds gave the ideal light to go unnoticed, both factors: the silent walk and the almost zero lighting were perfect components, life went to them in it. Despite the dark night, the small boats sailed rapids between the stone and coral scholars that every so often threw water jets accompanied by a loud noise when the hangover hit violently on the rocks by jumping millions of drops in the form of rain.

The pirates approached the quiet bay of the Esmeralda Island guided by some mortar lights of the coastal lanterns while the inhabitants and guests slept peacefully after a night of endless celebrations and libations, no one suspected that they were about to be razed from the facefrom the earth. Almost no one actually, Miguel de Zalamenda, the young Grumete of the Holy Encarnación was on duty that night, had played in luck on board and had accepted it with resignation, was the youngest of the crew and still had part of the cost of the costFrom the new world trip.


 Miguel watched from the top of the main stick like the chalupas passed to the starhis drunkenness, the ones he had sure had taken that night. Untilly entering the morning, voices, songs and shouts of the great spree were heard on the coast, Miguel renegated his bad luck, until he saw the boats loaded with people pass, pirates! Now he was glad to be up there.

He went down as quickly as he could and carried one of the great cannons of Popa Castle, which was the part of the great brig that pointed to the town, did not put the ammunition, with the noise it would suffice, at least that was what he supposed. Now the problem would be another, once the crew on land would surely shoot a hunt on his person, some other boat of the ship anchored a few hundred meters from his would come in his search. 

I would think about something, now the important thing was to notify its people as soon as possible, before the chalupas arrived on the coast. Thinking better the situation, he returned on his steps and as quickand decrease your attack power.

It was an impossible shot, I did not see, the moon continued covered by large clouds and the vision of the teenada and the boats was only an expression of desire. But just at that time and for his fate some clouds opened, it was only an instant but long enough to allow him to see that only a few fathoms separated the vsits from the coast, he pointed out and when he fired the moon he had hidden againAnd the impenetrable shadows gain the battle. 

He listened to the thunderous noise of the water when the bullet fell, also shouts that he did not know how to identify at that time, within a few seconds some lights began to turn on in the town and shots of muskets and arcabuces, screams and total confusion were heard. I didn’t know what was happening, he only thought about hiding in some remote place of his boat, he was sure that the pirates would come by his head.


An endless hour passed until he heard the unmistakable noise of a boat being close to the helmet and people climbing through the starboard, snuggled in his hiding. But the call he heard reassured him, recognized the voice of his captain who called him insistently and ran to meet him. All his comrades and even the captain himself congratulated him and told him that he had not only put them on alert with his shot but also had completely destroyed two of the chalaupas of the attackers with which the task of repelling them had been for others simple. 

For the first time in his life he took alcohol, a little forced him and another he wanted. He woke up without knowing where he was, little by little he regained consciousness and memory, he recognized his room and saw the book he had been reading the night before Emilio Salgari’s black corsair, at that time he arrived, at that time he arrivedYour mother transporting a tray with your breakfast.

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