The Physical And Mental Step Of Adulthood To Old Age

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The physical and mental step of adulthood to old age

In this essay I will explain about the passage of adulthood and old age, which is linked to several physical and mental, because at this stage the person experiences changes in his body such as the wear and tear of his sight, the ear, pain of The articulations, among others, in these stages are meditation and thought in adults because it goes through many processes.

It should be noted that there is considerable variation in the effects produced by age depending on the degree of physical and mental health of people: some subjects manifest a considerable alteration in their physiological functions (which can reach the emergence of pathological paintings), while In other alterations are lower. Hence the importance of distinguishing between the usual or typical patterns of deterioration by traveling through the average stages of life and other sufficiently healthy aging forms. Obviously, in the above, genetic factors, lifestyle and social commitment to a healthy and safe environment (Lamberts, 2002, p.225).

It means that both physical and mental deterioration of the person at this stage, depends on how he is leaving his life in the past or in his youth, here the person no longer looks at the past but to a future and thinks of the short time He has left and even more cares about the time he shortens, he already thinks divergently, it is clear that the fear of dying is more frequent at this stage because the person tends to lose interest in certain things and focuses more on some others. Cukier (1994) states that:

It is also usually the time when there is greater economic and ideological independence. Hence it is a stage of life signed primarily by sensations of great pleasure, well -being and ability to gratify, for the disposition to depend only on oneself and the chosen couple, with the ability to decide, come and go through the different adventures that life can still provide. This can be a stage of synthesis and creativity, scientific, political, intellectual or industrial production, a phase of important personal and social realizations, where access to positions of power, influence and responsibility is achieved (P.229).

It is the stage where the person wants greater independence in the aspect of the economy because they seek not to depend on a job, but on something more stable, also in this part the details of the body that are annoying for both men and women appear, for women, Well, expression marks appear, in this part there is a concern about the deterioration of the body as well as the mind, also at this point the woman loses a little sexual interest and begins to focus more on aspects of the house and what to do From it, also at this point the person goes through several difficult moments, such as the death of a couple, brothers or any family or friend.

There is a part of this stage that is called both feminine and masculine climacteric is which the organism includes a period of internal and sexual changes, man and woman enter a decrease in sexual desire, man can present dysfunction while the woman presents disinterest in this aspect. Aldana (2002) states that:

Towards the end of the intervention there is a greater delimitation of personal life, emotional stability, relocation of responsibilities, a realistic life project, reconciliation and increase in self – esteem, together with the presence of alternative solutions and specific actions and actions On the current problem, while other areas of life are explored in which they had not dared to venture (p.239).

Women tend to worry about the person and have a correct emotional management, they concentrate more on their responsibilities both family and work, tend to want dependence, but work, since family members come to the point of not wanting to take off from their children than already They have made the decision to choose a new path.

To end this life stage, it is of great importance in the life process of each person, since somewhat important and evolutionary changes are understood, the person ends up accepting that this step must be followed despite how contradictory this can be or It may seem, therefore moving from adulthood to old age can become a great adventure.


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