The Personality Of The Teacher And The Necessary Qualities For Teaching

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The personality of the teacher and the necessary qualities for teaching


The term personality derives from the word person of the Latin origin, which means "mask", which the actors used to represent the characteristics of their papers (Every, G; Martinez, JR and Millon; 1985).

In a way, we are beings that, in the face of the role we perform, opt for a mask, according to ancient Greece and Rome, which allows us to express the different characteristics that are part of our being as the protagonist.

In the human being there are different trends of acting that, at the level of behavior, is given as a functional process that brings with it conflicts and ambivalences, thus originating a personality organization that contributes to development as a social being. This functional process can allow the establishment of personality trends that actively involve the way in which the human being is related, the way in which the information and motivational goals that arise in their life are processed.

There is sufficient empirical evidence that shows that this construct constitutes an important predictor of performance in teaching and in all kinds of occupations. For example, at the University of Maryland the sociologist Melissa Milkie in the United States conducted an investigation where it is evident that students upon receiving education from teachers with psychological problems (low self – esteem) are more likely to present mental disorders, than students who receive An education in adequate environments and with psychologically healthy teachers (Melissa Milkie, 2011).

The above, evidence that the teacher’s personality style can generate a deficiency or disease that affects their experience and the link with the students, that is, a deterioration in the emotional part affects the personality style of the teacher and therefore it can alter the Teacher-student relationship, which serves as a mediator in the student learning process, which will provide emotional experiences, the opportunity to learn and implement social skills and the capacity for self-regulation.


The teacher must have very specific individual qualities. González Baquero emphasizes that the teacher, whatever his specialty, is requested by the institution not only as a technical professional, but as an educator, who not only provides information, but eduquen. Education is one of the most demanding functions, due to its high commitment to new generations and the destinations of a country. Educate goes beyond the delivery of information: it encompasses patterns and behaviors that to a large extent, cannot be measured in the short term, but are valued only with the passing of time.

The work of the university professor according to Lain (1984), includes three basic activities: (1) teach, communicate to another and live with another something that is known, (2) investigate, increase what is already known with a new truth, however minimal, and (3) form, collaborate that from the University come out and behaviors lucidly installed at the level of its time.

For his part Castro Pereira (1988), differentiated three indicators on the context of the teacher profile by denominating them: beta, gamma and alpha. 1) Beta indicators are related to the general competences of the profession, include the significant functions and tasks of the same 2) the gamma are inherent to the knowledge, skills and instrumental management demanded by these tasks, and 3) the alpha indicators are They refer to personality traits, skills and physical conditions required by each occupational indicator and in harmony with the other two to be in a synergy and complete Küster (2000) describes how the teacher, historically, has acted as depositary and transmitter of knowledge, exercising this action in the classroom; He mentions how the Bricalll report (2000, P. 186), where it is indicated that teacher class work is especially valuable to offer the student a clear and rigorous exhibition of a subject, Rodríguez et al. (1995), focused their research on students’ opinions about the curricula and obtained that the role of the teacher (their qualification, interest and motivation) is the factor of greater explanatory capacity about the valuation of the new plans of study, followed by resources, institutional activities, subjects and logistics aspects such as schedules and exam calendar.

Benedito et al (1999) conceives the university professor as a professional who performs a service to society through the University; that he must be critical, competent in the scope of his own discipline, trained to exercise teaching and carry out research activities.


The teacher must have didactic capacity, make the study material understandable, provide learning situations in which knowledge is affordable for the student, arouse interest in study and independent search for knowledge, didactic capacity is not only a characteristic of the personality of the teacher, but is an important aspect of his pedagogical mastery.

The teacher not only contributes knowledge, learning situations, but also contributes in itself, the culture of human behavior, it is a cultural institution that represents the teaching in educational processes.


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