The Personal And Social Impact Of Computers

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The personal and social impact of computers


Since computers made their first appearance they have had enough impact on our society. The first computer had a huge size, and using it was extremely complicated in addition to its high cost;It was inaccessible for almost all people. With a reduction in its size and lower cost it is possible to have a personal computer (PC), and have been introduced into all countries reaching a great impact on many homes.

The development of technological functions is having enough impact on the ethical, business, medicine, telecommunications and educational field, since it is a tool where you can obtain enough information that speeds up people’s activities and any institution or company.

With the appearance of the Internet, we have been able to expand a lot of information that one can obtain and has become a means in which we practically always use to look for extensive information and updated on topics of interest or elaboration of school or university projects. Although not all the information we find can be reliable;That is why it is necessary to choose well the information provided looking for the source from which it comes from.

Although the computer is something wonderful, it has brought difficulties, because it becomes a problem when the use of this device begins to be addictive and harmful to health.

We must be aware of the use that can be given to computers, we must not allow computers to prevent us from living and socializing with the people around us.(Moreno, 2015) 

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In 1998 Neil Postman issued a conference, very cited on the Internet, in the "International Congress on New Technologies and Human Person: communicating faith in the new millennium", with the title: five things we need to know about technological change. What we can summarize in 5 items:

  1. – Culture always pays the price of technology
  2. – There are always winners and losers in technological change
  3. – All technology has a philosophy
  4. – Technological change is not additive;It is ecological
  5. – The media tend to become mythical.

The impact of technology is not always good, it has advantages and disadvantages where there are people who lose and others winning.

In a study conducted by Subieta and Amador, he concluded that social groups are appropriate virtual education, leaving formal education aside, and begin to originate an education that is favorable to them using different methodologies such as MOOC (Massive Open OnlineCourse), PLE (Electronic Book Program), B-EDUCATION, Badge, among others.

Virtual education requires that both social and educational agents include their services for students since this new methodology covers the needs for education to be better for its greater ease of access since it allows greater self-learning and self-regulation by the student and makesthat the teacher is an counselor for this.

The impact of technology on medicine conducted on Juan Gutiérrez and Ailyn Fable3D printing that helps patients to create dental prostheses, heart transplants, rehabilitation among other things. Big Data is a good alternative in medicine since it allows access to large amounts of data that are unlocked, which would improve the care of each patient making it more personalized and with more concrete diagnoses.


The computer was an element that at the beginning did not have much impact due to costs or other topics, but over time it was a lot of importance that helps the population of all ages to improve different methods or teaching and learning processes. In addition, computers are mostly known for the use given to the Internet, since when we immerse ourselves to the world of the Internet, we can navigate through different pages, social networks, videos, purchases, etc. All these changes are those that facilitated the daily life of the person and that somehow made each of us seek the way and power to adapt and be able to handle new technologies since in this way we became dependent on these and theWe become and try an important way in everyday life.

Despite all the benefits they offer us, we must focus on all the problems that they caused, cause and can cause by creating social inequality among people, since it is overcome over the work of man, which entailsto this or these people are unemployed and only serve for technical areas.

The appearance of computers in most aspects of the daily life of most people, every day increases more and more, since these are present in supermarkets, banks, cybercafés, bookstores, homes, etc. It is for that reason that it is said that technology is part of our lives, since most of the time is used, portablely as from home. 


At present, computers have radically changed the way people do business worldwide, computers are used in 2 general areas:

  • Transaction management applications: These systems can operate in any combination within the company. Since the way of making transactions today, they use more technology to be via the Internet and have to market with the rest of the world.
  • Personal productivity applications: these manage and improve the performance of people in all aspects of their life. They automate the tasks that the person consumes a lot of time either because of the difficulty or the attention that must be provided to this, and make the information available, making people more efficient in their daily work.

Medicine and health care

At present, computers are used in medicine to be able to diagnose diseases and also to be able to monitor patients during surgery and permanent prostheses control. Some important medical applications use purpose computers that operate within the human body to help them work better.

Computer tools transformed the way people communicated in past times as well as their media between these. For example, email displaced, in the majority of the world, to the traditional letter because email is faster, and new forms of communication and writing have been generated both for electronic areas and for the "chat". In addition, the computer became the new writing and communication tool that transformed the way the texts are produced and edited today.

In telecommunications

Technology had an evolution as great as the one that had and has computing. For example, Internetworking is the field that focuses on how a local area network should be compensated and communicated. The network consists both from simple elements to even smaller networks, but that is where the need to connect networks arises to improve the ability of being able to transfer data and/or information, access to the data, services ofother networks etc.

For those who do not know and do not have a good management of these technologies, the presence of this in everyday life has caused several changes to arise, including the distancing of the world of knowledge, that is, of today’s world, since it has limited itsability to develop in society.

In most situations, most ideas conclude that the impacts that these new technologies are having, will influence in the future in such a way, that although we do not know how it will affect the current way of life, ways, waysof learning, globalization, politics, leisure and even business, we can know that our way of living will be drastically evolved and influenced, since the proximity and interrelations with which they are currently happening between new information technologiesAnd society had not happened in other previous historical moments in this direct, global and with this speed.


As we know, ethics is the concern of the people of knowledge that is the bad and that it is the good, of the knowledge that decision to be made is positive or negative, that is to say that we must make proper use of our acts asOf the resources we have around us, in this way we can obtain some concepts such as:

  • Personal responsibility: each person accepts their obligations, costs and duties of the decisions that are made.
  • Formal responsibility: It is a characteristic that is part of both systems and social institutions, this implies that there are ways to determine who was responsible for actions and therefore, who is the one who has to take charge.


In education, interest in courses or sciences related to computer.

The student change of interest in taking another computer course has a lot to do with their previous school performance (GPA) to make the decision to register for another course. The average of students who lost their interest in taking another computer science course. Average students who increased their interest in taking another computer science course had a wide range of probabilities depending on their previous school performance (GPA). Probabilities ranged from 56 percent probability for students in the fourth school performance (GPA) to 93 percent for students in the first quartile.


  • The presences of computers in all areas of everyday life are increasingmanagement of new technologies, in this way they have made us depend on these and essential in everyday life.
  • Its presence has meant great impact on our society, marking a guideline in the evolution of modern society, providing economic, cultural and personal exponential growth. They went from being a luxury to a need.
  • It is important to realize the problems that these can cause or that are currently causing, such as creating social inequalities and unemployment, because they replace the hand of man and instruct it to be used only in technical areas, getting to consider a computeras a substitute for the human brain.
  • What causes concern is currently the dehumanization in which society is being involved based on the technological advances that have taken place. It is then, of great relevance to notice that, although computers are part of our life, making it a little simpler, we should not lose our human nature and the domain of man over them.


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