The Persian Gulf And His Wonders For Visiting

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The Persian Gulf and his Wonders for Visiting


If when talking about Dubai you visualize yourself in an earthly paradise, you are very close to reality. His contrasts, his luxuries and extravagances hug their own and tourists. It was a fishing port in 1966 and since the first oil site appeared the story changed. Dubai is a multicultural city, capital of one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. But where is Dubai? Dubai is located in the Arabia desert, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, specifically at the cusp of the Arabian Peninsula. 

To the south it limits with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, northeast limits with Sharjah and to the southeast limits with Oman by the hatta enclave, which also limits with ajman by the west next to Ras al-Jaima in the north. Given its location, the weather is warm and some eccentric plants such as palm trees, lilies, eucalyptus, acacias and datilee are appreciated. At the same time, it hosts a diversity of animal species such as desert fox, scratched hyenas, dolphins, sharks, whales, jellyfish, hawks and turtles. Dubai’s exact location by coordinates is 25 ° 16 ′ N 55 ° 20′e. 


If you want to see where Dubai is on the map you can see it below: So where is Dubai? The city of Dubai is located in the Asian continent. It is considered the most extensive and populated continent by its 4.4 billion inhabitants. Enjoy a diversity of languages, cultures and religions. Dubai is known for being the largest emirati city in the country, its capital is Abu Dhabi. The imposing city of Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates and has a population of 2.698.000 inhabitants. 

However, only 15% of its inhabitants are Emiratí. However, 85% of Dubai citizens are emigrant;Most come from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan who are dedicated to construction. Where is Dubai? Dubai is a cosmopolitan and modern city, considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Its economy began with the pearl trade, an activity that served to form alliances with India, Pakistan and China. But the economy of this emirate shot at the beginning of the 20th century with the discovery of oil. 

Despite the good economy of the nation, today it is estimated that Dubai only depends on 6% of the oil. The construction and tourism sector generate the highest income by receiving more than 15 million visitors per year. Dubai is also known as the "Gold City", in the souk of gold approximately 300 stores market this metal. ATMs that dispense gold pieces are common;People can choose between bars of 1, 5 or 10 grams of gold. Large -scale consumerism is another characteristic of Dubai. 

This emirate consists of the largest and most ostentatious shopping center in the world, the Dubai Mall. In their spaces they make life more than 1.200 stores and restaurants. In addition, it has a series of galleries set, thematic parks for children, an aquarium, a medical center, an ice skating track, movie theaters and the most important sale of gold and precious stones. Curiosities about Dubai. One of Dubai’s exploits are the artificial islands that form the mapamundi. Each of these islands represents a country and are sold between about 7 and 45 million dollars. 

David Beckham is one of the celebrities that appear as owners. Another of the curiosities that any tourist should know is that in Dubai the main means of transport is taxis, there are more than 3.000 lines consisting of licenses and vehicles must be cream. However, the Dubai Taxi Corporation is an exclusive line for passengers. They are vehicles that have the pink roof and are also handled by women. Since 2009, Dubai has an additional transport system to taxis and own vehicles, the subway. 

It was built in just 18 months, it is the most innovative in the world because it does not require a driver. As with exclusive taxis for women, this subway system incorporates wagons only for children and ladies. On the other hand, it includes a car for “Gold Class travelers”, who pay extra money to travel in more comfortable seats. Dubai is the city of the air conditioning to mitigate the suffocating heat it makes in its streets. The bus stops are closed, within them passengers can wait their turn under the air conditioning, load the mobile phone or use the WiFi connection.

The camels are the Dubai icon. Camel races are a rather particular attraction, however, riders are robots that have a value between 300 to 10.000 dollars. This type of careers have a purpose and is to eradicate child exploitation, when children were used in this type of activities. With this modality, camel races continue to capture the attention of those who bet thousands of Dirhams to these animals. Because it is a Muslim country -85% of the population- alcohol consumption is prohibited. 

However, since most of the population is foreign alcoholic beverages can be acquired through a license. To have this license you must be over 21 years old and win more than 3.000 AED monthly. The license must be renewed every year and the police are responsible for reviewing said documentation of the person. In that context of the police, in Dubai the fleet of police vehicles does not go unnoticed. The Ferrari FF, Aston Martin and the Lamborghini Aventador are the most used models. Burj Al Arab: Dubai houses 7 of the 10 highest hotels in the world. 


The most emblematic is the Burj al Arab. Consists of 321 meters high. Its design emulates the candle of the Dhow, the traditional Arab ship. This hotel has a 7 -star classification. It is built on its own artificial island and those who enter their majestic spaces must pay about 1.500 euros per night. Access to this hotel is made by a private bridge. Its roof has a helipad and the tennis court is the highest in the world. The interior of the hotel is covered with 1.800 square meters of gold sheets. 

Burj Khalifa: With its 828 meters high, it is the highest building in the world and you can see 100 kilometers away. The largest observatory in the world is also housed, located 555 meters. On the 124th floor there is a lower viewpoint and access is cheaper, the simple ticket for an adult costs 30 euros. While the entrance to the highest viewpoint is worth about 85 euros.

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