The Performance Of Educational Centers In The Eradication Of Bullying

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The performance of educational centers in the eradication of bullying

When there is a case of bully.

According to Olweus, a psychologist considered the pioneer in addressing this issue (Castillo-Pulido, 2011), there are the same chances of a case of school violence in a large classroom as in a small. As has shown that there are no significant differences regarding this issue in centers where the age difference between students is quite considerable or where the age range is homogeneous.

That is why any center must be prepared for any situation of this type, and thus be able to address it in the most positive way. The role played by the school along with teachers is crucial.

First, the opening of a school must lead to the implementation of standards that all students and teaching staff must follow in order to measure and control the behavior of all individuals. Given a case of bully.

Based on these standards, a protocol must be followed by the center and teachers.

It is very likely that students or teachers can witness a violent act by an individual, so they must communicate it to the authorities of said center, as well as, at that time, prevent the conflict from continuing.

Once that harassment is communicated to the director, he must transmit it to the mediator who is at school. This will have the most important function to carry out this harassment.

First, you must dialogue with both parties, both with the victim and the aggressor. In this way, we can know the point of view of both parties and from there to act.

After talking with both parties, this problem should be communicated to the parents or legal guardians of both students, so that they are also aware of everything that happened and carry out their own work.

In addition to all this, it is important to know the emotional situation of each student to be able to help him and thus be able to avoid future abuses.

As mentioned in the causes of bullying, sometimes the aggressor has that behavior due to a lack of self – esteem or insecurity. Therefore, we must give it the necessary help, deriving for example, to a psychologist who can cover these deficiencies.

Likewise, the victim may also need psychological help to be able to cope with and overcome the situation, and that is why we must offer that possibility.

From this, the center must take the appropriate measures towards the aggressor, for example, its temporary expulsion from the center.

On the other hand, the center should carry out written behavior questionnaires to all students to be free to unlock a case of harassment. Here, they can reflect some inappropriate behavior by an individual and thus an attitude of harassment can be stopped, avoiding their continuation.

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