The Most Recognized Man: Nelson Mandela

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The most recognized man: Nelson Mandela


This renowned man worldwide was born on July 18, 1918. It was within a rural family in the town of Thembu. Nelson was raised and grew in a quiet, traditional African atmosphere, without inconvenience, except that he was born in a real family and for tribal differences his father loses the title and fortune. Despite this Mandela had the opportunity to study, and it was his professors who discovered his prodigious memory. 


Time later his tutor decides to marry him, Mandela decides to escape with one of his brothers to Johannesburg. It is where he meets an entrepreneur, Walter Sisulu, who helps him work and finish his studies. Mandela is the one who later becomes a strong activist member against apartheid. This is why Mandela is arrested for the second time, for not respecting apartheid and communism laws, being sentenced to life imprisonment. 

After many negotiations, Nelson is released in 1990, days after his release becomes the president of the African National Congress. This allows the definitive disintegration of apartheid and that is why in 1993 Mandela receives the Nobel Peace Prize. And in 1994 he becomes the first black president to be the president of South Africa democratically. Finally in July 2001 Nelson Mandela’s family announced that he suffers from prostate cancer. 

From youth at the university that is known as "womanizer". He married three times, but never practiced polygamy. It is in 1944 when Mandela married Evelyn Mase with whom he had two sons and two daughters, which the two were called Makaziwe Mandela. His firstborn Makaziwe died a few hours after being born. His only two children also died in tragic circumstances, it is so that the oldest, Madiba Thembi, died in a traffic accident in 1969 with just over twenty years. 

Due to their conflicts with the South African government, they did not allow the funeral of their son to attend, and neither to his mother’s. His second son, Makghatato, died in 2005 after suffering AIDS. In South Africa his death causes great shock, since they saw their referent mandela suffer within their family the epidemic that the South Africans suffer. The political struggle was pushing and distanced the marriage, not forgetting that his wife was aware of love encounters.

With friends of the African Council and with its secretary Ruth. Anyway it was Nelson who decides to end his marriage, Evelyn never forgive his actions. His next marriage was with an activist very committed to the cause, Winnie Mandikizela, with whom he had two daughters. Subsequently, this woman is also divorced. And his third marriage was with Graça Machel in 1998, 27 years younger than him and widow of the former Mozambican president Samora Machel.


Nelson Mandela was a lawyer, an activist against apartheid, philanthropist and South African politician. The first black president chosen democratically. For many it is a symbol that transcended borders. He received hundreds of worldwide recognition for his political work despite having traveled by many controversies throughout his life. In South Africa it is considered a figure of respect and admiration. He dies at 95 surrounded by his family.

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