The Media And Power

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The media and power

Currently the media are widely used in society, they arose due to the need to communicate among people in a faster and more easy way, precisely because of this, these means have been constantly evolving in order to essentially meet the needs thatThey have people when they acquire or use these media. The media are in charge of people with great economic power

These media can also have:

  • Advantage:
  • Allows marketing and public and private business ads
  • Are immediate when transmitting information
  • Disadvantages:
  • Mass use brings consequences in the psychological part
  • Lack of communication in society


The main objective that we have been pleased for this essay isWhat are the media? What are the main media? Your influence on everyday life?

Media and its definitions

What are the media?

The media are very effective instruments to any need, since it facilitates communication with the rest of the help society that meet the communication needs between society, these media have been created by man for a common good. These are currently widely used in society and therefore continue to evolve constantly to improve the service and to be faster and allow all people who need to access these sites.

These communication instruments play a very important role in society as it acts as ‘’ wildcard ’’ or great help for society.

What are the main media?

There are currently many media in society and among the most common we find: the press, radio, television and the internet

The press

It was one of the first media that have existed in society, at the beginning there were newspapers that were only distributed in neighborhoods, they were called ‘’ Gacetas ’’ ’’

From the nineteenth century, the physical newspapers began to be distributed around the world and became very recognized and used by society.


It was a medium that started before World War I and that was of great help at that time since it could transmit information through audios.


His appearance was after World War II that allowed the person to have more information about the events that had passed. In the twentieth century in the United States, television already had great reception and was a political campaign tool. Now today television is the second media most used in society after the Internet

The Internet

It is the most used media today since through this you can access digital newspapers, online television, online radio, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The Internet allows us to access updated information in real time. It is the fastest means of communication that currently exists.

Your influence on everyday life?

The media have great influence on everyday life since it has many benefits such as: access to communication more quickly and accessible to all people, promotion of work or business marketing offers;These media also have disadvantages such as: the excessive use of these media is harmful since it can have complications in the social part, leaving aside the interaction with society in general.

In conclusion, I think that the media are very important and useful in everyday life since it facilitates the life of the individual and allows access to a lot of information in real time, it is necessary to use these media with great prudence and maturity sinceExcessive use of media such as social networks can bring many consequences such as psychological diseases or lack of interaction in society and mainly with family.

Mainly the information given in social networks must be given with caution and not so concrete since there are other people who take advantage and misuse that information in order to harm people, whether physical or psychologically.

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