The Lord Of The William Golding Flies

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The Lord of the William Golding Flies

Lord of the Flies

William Golding, the author of The Lord of Las Moscas, was born in 1911 and died in 1993, his work "The Lord of the Flies" was published on September 17, 1959, the work had great acceptance by the reading community of those times. For the year of 1965 it reached its greatest popularity. The work "The Lord of the Flies" was one of the most representative of the writer and author William Golding.

The story is very interesting since it deals with children who do not have adult supervision which can be seen how our society was formed and how children have a very versatile and very wide mind to do various things that adults that adults They cannot and since children do not yet have a very clear notion that it is good and the bad so they can lose control, which William Golding wanted to demonstrate in their novel is how our society was originated and as anyone can Lose all their manners when there are no people who supervise or tell them what is good or what is bad.

The novel is a drama and suspense work in which their characters are all children. The protagonist is a handsome, athletic and very intelligent child whose name is Ralph this child is the one who guides everyone at the beginning of the novel, but one of his greatest allies is a chubby child with asthma named Piggy, a very mature child for His age, on the other hand there is a child named Jack who is very ambitious that has a cream skill to be a leader but his ego and the desire to be the one who has the leadership leads him by bad path, the story takes place on an island in which there are no adults or any type of authority that prevents children from doing what they want.

The cause because they are there is by an plane accident that was shot down during World War II in which the plane ended on a desert island there were about 16 to 20 children who fell from the plane but without any adult. The story tells how children begin a society in which they could subsist while they expected them to be rescued. All that time that children were on the island, becoming increasingly sadistic, especially Jack the hunter leader.

History tells us how children were hallucinating the existence of a beast (false, which was a person who had fallen into a similar one who ended up dying because he stamped against a tree baria times sometimes what ended his life ) Which causes panic in all children, that was one of the main causes for killing one of their companions Simon, since they were confused with the beast, after all that tragedy of the dead partner, Jack The hunter leader was wanting to remove the current leader, as he did not see options to take his leadership chose to take it by force, which he got and left only the previous leader and those who followed him.

Before Jack took control of all Ralph children he had made a fire so that if a ship or any other person saw him and rescue, so Jack was going to put firewood to keep throwing smoke and could rescue them. But Jack’s recklessness made him go out, but Piggy realizes and blames for him to put some sanction but Jack hits Piggy breaking his glasses.

Throughout history the children had behaved more or less civilized but the group of hunters who was directed by Jack were the first children to behave as wild and with little compassion for others, a theory that can be this is because When taking care of pig hunting, it may be that while beechs hunted they lost more and more part of their sensitivity and especially Jack who was a very aggressive child and with little self-control of their emotions.

After a while that Jack took control of most children began to behave like true barbarians without any sample a sample of this are their songs that made around the animals that had hunted and with little compassion towards Another living being.

But while Jack kept a great resentment for Rlaph since at the beginning of the story all the children gathered and looked for a leader for what Jack wanted to be the one who sent them but subjected him to a vote, obviously Jack received votes but the winner It turned out to be Ralph, and not only for that but because Ralph was the only PRIE Piggy lenses because Ralph needed it to keep the fire alive so that people saw it and could rescue them.

This Jack took it very bad than when Ralph and Piggy went to recover the lenses one stone came out of nowhere hitting Piggy and carrying a hill down where Ralph died later Ralph went to check and saw Piggy’s lifeless body while the tribe Jack was convincing others to stay with him and those who didn’t want to join Jack threatened them.

Among all that conflict that Jack had generated to hunt Ralph, meanwhile Ralph is going with the place where the hunters are located to help him set the fire, but he is found to the twins who warn Ralph that runs And that he hides because Jack is looking for him to end him, so he runs from the place until he reaches the coast where he stumbles with a captain of a ship and which the captain tells Ralph and the children.

-"It seems to me that to be English … you are all English, isn’t it?…, Do not offer a show too bright to say ”

This phrase for me is the best in the book since it shows us and tells us that it doesn’t matter how refined, the wisdom and awareness that one must have to survive a world without rules has to be very big.

The novel is a clear example of how our society is governed today, how people want to have power sometimes without gaining it, throughout the world these problems are presented not only I mean political problems but also in everything in everything that a leader requires, in my opinion these problems are due to people knowing that everyone will listen to them and have to obey them. In the story, a scene is raised in which they show power by force through threats, but nevertheless, it does not get the approval of all, which causes it to be bother and want to eliminate them (kill) this is The plot of the novel. It is also a novel that has a very broad background that can be interpreted in different ways according to the person who reads it.

This novel shows us two children (Ralph and Piggy) a very sure Always be the same and not get carried away by popular opinion, like the children who followed Jack.


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