The Last Forest. Fiction History

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The last forest. Fiction history


The little girl stalked hidden under the high spikes of the grasses of a small meadow that bordered the last forest of the planet. I silently monitored the subtle, but mechanical movements of a being that was the closest to a mother for her. Android’s body was similar to it, he had arms and legs, two similar but more artificial eyes, capable of seeing a greater spectrum than she could reach. They could see both in the darkest night and in the maximum clarity of a very sunny day. But at this time they were executing a particular task, a opportune moment that the girl would not waste.

Stealthy, he approached cautiously, without being noticed by the Android. He bit his lower lip to contain a small nervous laugh, who struggled to reveal his presence. He took impulse at the right time, jumping like a feline to catch his prey. But, her efforts to surprise her were in vain. His little body fell directly into the arms of Gaia-3155, whose approach sensors had detected it a long time before.

He strongly felt the little tickles that gave the Android’s fingers on his belly. He loved being rocked in the arms of AI;She closed her eyes and clung to this.

I can never surprise you!, Little dawn reproached.

Someday you will, I’m sure, he smiled returned. She was used to listening to her metal voice.

Why can’t I be like you? You are faster than antelopes, stronger than rhinoceros. You never get tired and you always know everything

That is not true, at this moment I do not know what you are thinking, Gaia-3155 to played with her nose gently and deposited the girl carefully on the ground.

What are you doing?, Alba asked curious.

I am about to transfer this puppies to a safer area, the integrity of this burrow puts them in danger, do you want to help?


Gaia took a couple of Zorreznos on each arm, while Alba struggled to keep her in her arms, she did not stop licking the girl’s face. The little laugh of the little one delighted the Android. Both went to another place 50 meters away. Alba was used to walking throughout the area since her birth, since she was adopted by the Android.

After making sure that the mother knew the change of burrow, Gaia was in charge of taking Alba to take a bath in the stream. The girl took off her suit, she had been made by Gaia and was fresh enough for the summer. While she splaced in the river, the Android looked some roots with which she would make a soap cream to wash all her little body. Once neat, it was dead from the river cold, the Android turned his arm into a cannon and emitted a hot air burst to help her dry.

The night was already beginning when they returned to the room they had built as a home to raise Alba.

Lying on her straw bed, Alba liked to feel the synthetic body of the Android by her side. This emitted a vibration and heat that regulated to simulate the temperature of 36 degrees of humans.

Can you tell me, again, the story of how we met?

Of course, he would normally have said affirmative, but his contact with this tiny being had changed his mechanical nature, making it more human.

Once upon a time there was an android who worked all the time sowing seeds and fertilizing the earth. His task was to return life to a dying world. Day and night he collected the waste and magically turned them into part of the same planet. A lot of time passed for the first seedling to be born. Happy with his work, he continued to populate an entire area with many trees so that the animals had where to live. Turning the planet into a paradise full of wildlife as it used to be previously. Then, the first trills and chorjeos of the little birds appeared

Gaia imitated the sounds of the birds.

Then the monkeys arrived, the Android imitated the chillidos of the primates.

Alba laughed.

The sheep, Beeee!, Baló

The wild boars issued a snoring in the form of a growl.

Alba Río again and many other animals filled the forest with their roars, howls, shrieks, grunts, graznidos and squeaks

But that android felt alone. Even when the animals understood that it was not a threat to them and began to walk around them without fear. The android wanted someone to play with. It was then that he asked the first star of the night to grant him the desire to have a friend

The girl listened to attentive, fighting to keep her eyelids open.

The next day, to the surprise of the Android, a small creature had reached its earthly paradise. He was very tiny, but he gave him the best gift he could receive, his laughter. His laughs atiborda for joy and heat, to the cold Android command center. It was then that she realized that she now had a friend and a heart to love her

A little giggle escaped from the little girl’s lips before she was completely asleep.

Gaia wrapped the little girl and got out of bed to avoid waking her.

Android knew that the truth was a little more different from how he told it.

Two thousand years ago, the earth was a very beautiful and rich planet, full of animal and plant life throughout its extension. But then a species appeared that decided to be the dominant species, and made use of all the resources that the planet gave generously. However, not happy with this began to create machines to adapt their surroundings to their pleasure, polluting air, waters and earth;extinguishing in its path to many other species, doing a lot of damage to the planet. 

Many beings of this species were very greedy;Greed, selfishness filled their hearts, creating an apathetic society that ignored the damage it caused on the other beings of their own species and those of other species that reigned on the planet. They wanted the power to dominate over all others, it was then that they decided to fight each other to achieve that goal. They decided to build powerful weapons to submit to their peers. Finally a great war between all began. The conflict got out of his hands, eradicating all existence on the planet. Thousands of bombs descended from heaven destroying everything in its path.

There were a group of them, advancing to events, which decided to create a series of automated beings, with their own intelligence, scheduled to repair the damage caused. Another group, anticipating the worst, had kept enough seeds to repopulate the planet again.

The planet had suffered a lot, a radioactive cloud covered the heavens, making them breathing. All perished waiting to find the right place to renew life. Many years passed before we found the area that met the necessary conditions to sustain existence. That was when I was born. My main objective was to sow the seeds and protect the environment. Over time its species became extinct (or so we thought), but our mission did not end until this forest could survive for itself.

One day like any other, there was a lot of scrap metal (machines that a time ago were transport vehicles) with the help of nano machines. The tiny robots sprayed the material to degrade it to its minimum expression and thus return it to the planet.

Suddenly, their approach sensors were activated and caught their attention. On the other side of the river was a species that did not know. Immediately headed towards them. He extended his left arm and made a rapid scan on the organisms. Its species database was activated and began to search. A red alert flooded its screen. They were human beings. The most dangerous species on the planet. The cause of the destruction of the world.

His defense system was activated and right arm stood up forming a cannon that began to illuminate and heat at the same time. The crying of the human puppy arrested the Android. He really did not know if it was a glitch in the system, but somehow managed.

The adult human was female and was extremely exhausted, its vital signs were very weak products of the starvation. His emaciated face indicated that he had not eaten days without eating, the little puppy extended his little arms to the Android, tears covered his little face and a mouth devoid of teeth continued clapping

Save it, please, I beg you, they were the last words emitted by the adult. The Android took the baby in arms and threw it until he was sleeping. He took advantage of to bury the adult’s body, so the other automatons would not find it. Alba was the name that designated the little girl. Of its Latin origin, dawn meant. The sun was just coming when he first met her.

Over time Alba grew rapid. Sometimes Gaia surprised Alba with honey -rich honeycombs. However, like a mother, Gaia watched over the nutrients necessary to maintain a correct development of Alba’s body.


Like Gaia, Alba used to examine the boundaries of the forest, to monitor if any animal was in trouble. A communicator always loaded in his ear that allowed him to call the Android at any time, in case of having a problem. For Alba, the whole forest was his home and knew him as his own hand. However, one day he found a species that his mind had forgotten many years ago.

Alba was stunned to see another human being. I didn’t know if it was to see it for the first time or to see him kill an animal. I knew that predators fed on small dams. But she never needed to kill the living being to survive.

It was a boy, a little less than her. He wore animal skins on clothing discolored and worn out by time and conditions of a hostile environment. The dress covered both her legs and her arms. He wore a bag on one side and an impromptu spear made of some metallic material, with which he had killed the little rabbit. He had long hair, cola -shaped behind his head. His eyes were green, they reflected a smile for having achieved what he wanted.


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